Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April showers brings May flowers... And more GIVEAWAYS!

If you're in Toronto this Wednesday April 1st, 2009 you can understand today's title reference... It's pouring out!  You know one of those days, when you just want to stay curled up in a warm blanket with a cuppa tea on the couch, not necessarily 'cause it's cold inside, but because the very sight of the heavy raindrops outside makes you cold?  Yeeeah, one of those days.

So on this rainy April 1st (or hopefully sunny one in your city)... Happy April showers brings May flowers Day!  It's simply a sign of spring :)

Speaking of spring, I've been absent since the first day of it.  Completely M.I.A without a word or a trace... It would seem anyway.  My apologies.  I've missed you!

In reality, I haven't disappeared just been as my Facebook/Twitter status reflected this morning "still [busily] perfecting the new ecojot site with the dedicated ecojot team."

In fact, I'm off to I'm meet with ûber-talented Carolyn DesignerJots Gavin all afternoon to finish up redesigning for you! That's right, the Ecojot team is dedicated to having a new website that you absolutely adore ;)  Ergo, please keep visiting as even the new design as we perfect it before your very eyes ^.^

What else is happening? Giveaways! Lots and lots of Giveaways coming and going! decor8 will still be hosting one in the coming weeks, so keep posted and patient -- it is after all a virtue they say ;)    And as my March one ends DesignerJots' begins...  She is hosting a Spring Giveaway here. Simply leave a comment on DesignerJots' blog about Spring, the Earth, the environment... Winner will be announce this Friday! So quick, you've got two days! Bonne chance!

As for Ecojotter, well, I will have DesignerJots help me pick my March Giveaway winner this afternoon and post tomorrow! So stay tuned!


PS-- Here's hoping you voted YES to Earth Hour this past weekend.  Have a memorable Earth Hour memory?  Please share it in the comments below!

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carolyn Gavin said...

HEY ... this looks great!!


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