Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Giveaway: Earth Day Countdown T-minus 6 days!

IKEA versus Canadian Tire
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All right, so Tuesday's entries jumped to 27 yesterday... Which I've decided is all good since, the rolling giveaway is a bit confusing, especially to those new to my blog ;) Plus all in all, I'm just thrilled to be reading all your eco-deeds.

As for the six of you who posted yesterday... KJB, for the love of pictures, the life of a teenage scrapbooker, rhaya, Kathleen and chriscaron... You six are eco-fabulous! Thank you for taking this daily eco-journey with me, reading my random daily eco-thoughts and non-eco thoughts... It totally makes my day to read each of your comments!

I must say, it's amazing how two very similar choices can be from one non-green extreme to another one very green extreme. I love reading the eco-deeds where we go against habit and take transit, or remember to use a canvas bag. Those simple acts really make a difference... And in time become eco-habits ;)

My Thursday eco-deed: Making a list and checking it twice! That's right. Having just moved in to a new abode, I'm missing some important elements... Like a shoe rack, a wine rack and my roomie and I have decided we could really use one of those wine glass racks that allow you to hang the glasses upside down above our sink. Yes, racks... Of all varieties and size. You guessed it, not only do I heart shoes and wine, but I'm off to Ikea this evening... Hence the flickr pic above, that I adore since it's so bright and happy!

Why a list? 'Cause we all know how it goes, be it Ikea or a grocery store... Temptations are bountiful. Not only do shopping lists keep you on track, on budget, and avoid unnecessary purchases, less consumerism as I like to put it is green and saves the green!

All right... You're turn... Watcha doing big or small that shows Mama Earth your love? Please do tell, and improve your odds at winning in $50 worth of beautifully designed 100% ecojot paper goods in the process!

Happy Thursday!



Painted Tree Designs said...

I bring along my water bottle when I head to the library for studying so I don't have to buy any drinks in plastic bottles.

Great idea!

rhaya said...

I am going to pack light for my trip this weekend. Lighter bags mean less fuel!

Anonymous said...

i will be going thru all of my clothes today.
passing on what is wearable (to friends/family or less-fortunate) and saving the nice patterns to recycle into pillows! or shoe bags!

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

a list for ikea is definitely a must, unless you want to hang out there all day!
today when i go shopping, i will only use those black bags made out of recycled grocery bags. And i may even decide to get my bike out, and ride somewhere instead of driving.

Geralyn said...

I made a mistake and commented on April 14, so I deleted that one.

Today I sorted through all my old papers and kept the ones that have the back blank (to reuse as scrap paper), and put the others in a pile to recycle!

mickey53 said...

I washed out the birdbath and added fresh water for all the birds in our area. My dh saw our first purple martins today (their house is cleaned and ready for them).

Anonymous said...

Today, I rode my bike, walked everywhere, and encouraged little ones to make these beautiful earth cards from cutting up discarded magazines and cardboard, with hopes to inspire reflection and appreciation for mother earth. Chris caron

April 17, 2009 6:28:00 PM EDT

Kathleen said...

I'm going to do my best to only have one light on at a time, since I cna't be in two places at once, I won't have any lights/lamps on in a room I'm not physically in...


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