Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Giveaway: Earth Day Countdown T-minus 1 day...

Carpooling is FUN!
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That's right tomorrow is Earth Day folks!!!!

That means only two more days to take advantage (or as the French say "profites-bien") of my Special Rolling Earth Day Giveaway. So if you haven't yet already, now is your chance to improve your odds by two to win an Ecojot Earth Day inspired prize-pack valued at over $50!

What do you have to do?  Simply comment below with your ecoDeed for the day. Visit and comment again tomorrow and you'll improve your chances with an additional entry ;) It's that easy.

Not sure what to ECOdo? Perhaps it's your first time here? Check out my past seven blog entries and read all the oh-so-ECOinspiring comment entries thus far!

As for me... What's my ecoDEED today?

Well, while I have the ECOfabulous luxury of having a super awesome commute to my part-time day gig, (super awesome because it's a super short 2 minute walk door to door by foot) and I can therefore come home for lunch and blog ;) Somethings, appointments, events and the like are just too far or complicated to get to by foot, bike, or even transit... Such as this evening where I've got plans to meet up with friends in North York. The plan? You guessed it by the Flickr pic I picked out... Carpooling!

Nothing feels better or more right than being in a car with two or more people, rather than all arriving at a destination different ways (ie, separate gas-guzzling vehicles).

Looking forward to reading what your ECOdoing today! Remember big or small, every bit of it adds up to make an ECOimpact!

Bon Mardi ! Happy Tuesday !


PS -- Attention all Toronto ECOfashionistas! Did you know Preloved is having a special BYOB: Earth Day Sale? I thought it was only tomorrow, but turns out the sales already begun. What's the ECOdeal? "In celebration of Earth Day, Preloved is taking 15-20% off EVERYTHING in the store, including the styles that are already totally on sale. The catch: you must bring your own bag:)"


KJB said...

Today, my eco-deed was directed towards encouragement. I gave a glass container to a work colleague: I am encouraging her to kick the plastic habit and bring her lunch to work in glass.

I seem to be a 'helpful Hannah' today as I sent a note to my nephew letting him know that, in Toronto, plastic shopping bags are now recyclable. Better recycled than in the garbage. Better no plastic shopping bags, but small steps...

Geralyn said...

Today, my ecodeed was writing my class notes on the backside of old paper I didn't need anymore, instead of getting out fresh sheets of paper :)

Painted Tree Designs said...

I've got my water bottle and a thermos of tea so no using disposable cups for me and I used my cloth bags to lug around the books I picked up from the library.

Kathleen said...

I love the ECO-encouragement deed... I think I will try to do something similar soon...

Today, my deed was planting a seed - at a board meeting the topic of updating a paper brochure came up, and I made the suggestion to update it, but only as a pdf -- then have people print copies only as they need them. We'll see how we do with that...

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

I really can't wait to see who wins this big package!
Please oh please pick me! My soft spot is journals so they will go to good use!!
Anyway, my eco-deed will be riding my bike tonight, to get a little exercise today! So no driving for me!

Anonymous said...

ack! am i too late? oh noes!! :( sniff

well, regardless: i walked all around town today where i could have easily bussed & have been driven...
i also refused to buy impromtu groceries cause i didn't have my reusable bags with me... i did *not* want to come home with plastic!



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