Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!! = April Giveaway Countdown T-TODAY!

While I so wish I were blogging this at my kitchen table as I enjoy my lunchtime at home (like yesterday!), unfortunately I'm blogging from bed because I'm feeling under the weather today :(

I woke up earlier this morning feeling a little unwell, but happily more so super excited that t-t-t-t-TODAY is....EARTH DAY! I logged on to my computer, twittered HAPPY EARTH DAY to y'all, and even managed to come across this amazing site PlantABillion that I've decided is going to be part of my ecoDEED today...

I'm going to plant 10! 10 trees today in honour of Mama Earth :)

However after the tiny bit of twittering, and ECOsurfing, I found myself calling my colleague Tracy to call in sick and go curl back into bed. 

So my fellow ECOdeeders, although I must keep this short, and little less chipper today since I'm feeling unwell... May I please just say...

YOU ECOrock!!!!

I tallied it up, as of today, beautiful wonderful Earth Day 93 ECOdeeds were shared via readers. More than a handful of you shared every day! You know who you are ;) A special thank you to you, the daily readers and commenters, for taking this Earth Day Countdown journey with me. It's been oh-so-inspiring and encouraging, plus a nudge that I should do more rolling giveaways ;)

So with that said, here's your chance to share your Earth Day ECOdeed to complete the special Earth Day Countdown April Giveaway journey with me...

In addition to planting 10 trees today, my ECOact was inspired by fellow twitterer Stacey.  I will make it a point, (although perhaps not today since I'm a less functioning today) to become a card-carrying member of the local LIBRARY system again! I've been back from France nearly nine months, it's about time and no more excuses!

So dear ECOfriends... What have ya or you gonna ECOdo today on Wednesday, Aprl 22nd... Our Mother Earth's DAY?  All you have to do is ECOcomment below for your chance to win a special Earth Day-inspired Ecojot prize-pack worth over $50!

Again Happy Earth Day ! Encore Bonne Journée de la Terre !


PS -- I will announce the April Giveaway winner this Friday!

PPS -- 4:01 minutes worth of smiles and giggles for you :) Enjoy:


Lisa Pronove said...

Happy Earth Day!! Today I am going to attend the Earth Day celebration in Columbia, MO and celebrate!! yay!

KJB said...

I hope that you are feeling better soon. You've worked so hard in days approaching Earth Day.

Today, I had to order a new baseboard heater for the kitchen. I ordered a high efficiency model. In addition to being energy efficient, it also uses less electricity than the heater it is replacing. Another bonus: it is manufactured in Canada!

Happy Earth Day to all.

Sal said...

I am not using my A/C today. All my lights are off. I am going to purchase a desklamp from IKEA that runs strictly via solar panel.

And I bought two Ecojot journals this weekend at Paper Source in Charlotte!!

sconig02 at yahoooooooo dot com

Painted Tree Designs said...

lent my cipolla reusable/fabric cup sleeve to a friend so she didn't have to use the store's cardboard sleeve with her hot drink.

since I'm not at home today all the radiators are turned off.

Kathleen said...

Happiest of Earth Days!!

My gosh that clip was amazing! If the TTC had more of that I might've stayed in Toronto (buddy in the suit with the red tie was my fav)...

Today my ecoDeed was to contact the Transit commission here, to find out what the best route would be for me, so I can start leaving my car at home when I don't have meetings in the 'city'...

Hope you're feeling better!

Geralyn said...

Happy Earth Day! Today I did something simple - took the transit all around :) Also, told the guy at Staples I didn't need a plastic bag and that I could just stick my purchases in my tote.

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

YAY it's finally here!
hmm today i filled up the blue box for recycalling, so it can go out tomorrow, for the very first time!!
And i got a whole bunch of books from the library! boy i could seriouslly live in a library if i had too, it saves soo much money,and lots of trees too!
Congrats on finally getting your card! Enjoy all the books that you're going to get!
Oh by the way, it's snowing here in Calgary, AB!
Thanks again for the giveway!!
Megan P

Anonymous said...

Today I walked home from work and smiled at the beauty of the blossoming tulips and daffodils!!!! :)

-Heather H.

SUMMER said...

We wore green today and packed garbageless lunches. We walked to work and tonight had a family game night with no t.v and minimal lights in the family room and no lights anywhere else! It was great!



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