Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April Giveaway: Earth Day Countdown T-minus 7 days

Local Laundry
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22 comments yesterday = 22 Giveaway entries = 22 eco-deeds ... May I please just say how much you 22 inspire me? Thank you.

So... you know those mornings where you wake up, look in your closet and swear you have nothing to wear? Yeah, you know the mornings ;) Two years ago that would without a doubt be a lie, because two years ago I had the typical twenty-something female wardrobe... LOTS of clothes! But today, I really only had one option left...

What happened to all my clothes you ask? Well nearly two years ago (yikes is that ever a reminder that time flies by WAY TOO FAST!), I decided to move to France and take on a Mary Poppins-esque gig of sorts... I became a "jeune fille au pair." That meant packing up my apartment belongings, distributing the largeer items amongst my dear friends to hold on to and make use of whilst I was away, having a BIG yard sale, and then storing all the rest.

Well guess what? While it's creeping up to month nine since I've flown back from over the pond... It's only now that I've recently moved in to a bigger (better, ie. cheaper) abode, that I'm beginning to feel like I'm settling back in to my beloved Toronto : ) I must admit just maybe, it has a little something to do with my finally not hopping on a plane, train or bus in the last three months since I've been back 0;) But I digress...

So back to the clothes... ;D I have nothing to wear because I truly have nothing clean to wear 0;) I haven't done laundry since I've moved 1.5 weeks ago. I haven't reclaimed my "typical twenty-something female wardrobe" from the basement of gracious, fabulously kind friend Dana. And basically I'm still living out of two suitcases of clothes (which sounds like a lot until one remembers four seasons in two suitcases) Therefore unless I want to wear something too warm, too cool or unclean (eeew!) for the season... I gotta do laundry asap! Lol :D

Why am I telling y'all this? Because TODAY, my eco-deed will be to do laundry, in cold water (as I always do) but today since it's bright and sunny out I'm going to air dry my clothes! That's right, just like the pic above... All right, not quite just like the pic above. It's still cold out plus my new place isn't quite designed for that. But you get the idea ;)

What are you going to do today to love Mother Earth? Share below, and as per my April Giveaway yesterday post explains... Remember every daily entry equals a greater chance of winning a special Earth Day Ecojot prize pack (valued at over $50!) between now and April 22nd (Earth Day!)

Happy Wednesday!


PS-- While I'm going to do a load of laundry today, I will surely be daydreaming of finally reconnecting with my beloved clothes. Who knows maybe this weekend! I figure it'll be like Christmas morning and being given a whole new vintage wardrobe of me-past! Old clothes made new again simply by being stored away! Oooooh how I can't wait!


KJB said...

I just returned from walking to the ATM; instead of driving there at lunch.

for the love of pictures said...

Nice blog :)

I bused and trained it into work.

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

i bused and trained it to library again!
annd i put everything i possibly could in our cities new blue box recycling project! i live in Calgary, do you already have the curbside recycling in toronto???

rhaya said...

Today I carried my groceries in a canvas bag (like always) but also remembered to take it in when we ordered dinner to go.

Kathleen said...

I plan to invest in little tuppers today to hold yogurt for myu lunches so I will stop buying the indy-size yogurts and just by 1-litre tubs (which I can then reuse to freeze things in)... Kathleen

chriscaron said...

I biked to work again and ate dinner at home instead of my usual take-out. Importantly, I thanked mother earth for the many gifts she provides us on a daily basis, including that beautiful sunshine today.

Anonymous said...

Today, I rode my bike, walked everywhere, and encouraged little ones to make these beautiful earth cards from cutting up discarded magazines and cardboard, with hopes to inspire reflection and appreciation for mother earth. Chris caron


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