Thursday, April 9, 2009

so much to do 'n blog about, so little time...

You know the feeling: 24 hours in a day, and it still doesn't feel like enough... Especially if you want to be functional the next day and therefore get a few decent hours of sleep while still getting everything done. Yup, I know you know the feeling. And well this week has been just that. Hence, the three day absence 0:)

So rather than spend the first three paragraphs justifying my absence, how about some exciting news on what I've been up to instead? ;)

>> I moved! This past weekend to be exact. And may I just say, I am absolutely adoring my new place. Am just almost, emphasis on 'almost' completely unpacked and settled in. More affordable, tons more sunlight and a lot more spacious, makes my new Toronto apartment truly delightful. Not to mention, my new flat mate B is super sweet. Yup, gotta love Craigslist!

>> I joined twentysomethingbloggers, an awesome network of fellow bloggers, all twentysomething like me, all blogging about all sorts of stuff! Reading awesome new blogs and making new friends in the process... Yay!

>> Brainstorming what my April Giveaway's going to be. With Earth Day on the 22nd, am thinking something, well, umm Earth Day related :D Whatcha think?

>> I'm going to Chicago at the end of the month for a conference, and want to arrange an Ecojot Meetup in the the beautiful windy city. Call Chicago home? Know a great café we could meetup at? I desperately want to get my traveling sketchbook idea back on track and on the move. Let me know if you're up for meeting up ;)

That's it for now, folks... Will post my April Giveaway soon. Meanwhile Happy Thursday!


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