Monday, April 20, 2009

April Giveaway: Earth Day Countdown T-minus 2 days...

First and foremost, thank you to each of you who visited the blog over the weekend, and shared your ecoActions. It was such a treat reading about how you were off to farmers markets, riding your bikes, walking a many kilometers and back, shopping with canvas bags, air-drying laundry, and using reusable to-go mugs and water bottles just to name a few ;)

How quickly a week goes by and these big and little ecoThings add up to make such an ecoDifference! Keep up the good ecoWork y'all!

With that said, how cool would be to take a picture of our beloved Mama Earth on her day? As in the WHOLE planet on Earth Day? Want to?

This morning, I got my twice-weekly dose of Photojojo. Know it? "One damn fine photo newsletter" as they like to call themselves, Photojojo "finds the best photo shiz anywhere." And I do believe they do stick to their mandate through and through ;:)

This morning's newsletter feature? "Take a Picture of the Whole Entire Planet!" How exactly does one do so, you're wondering?

Well apparently... "It's easy, just take some photos of the world around you on Wednesday April 22nd. Then send your best snap to the good folks at Earth Mosaic, and they’ll use it to create a giant photo mosaic of the Earth!

Then [as Photojojo points out] you can totally brag to your greener-than-thou friends about how you participated in a global art project on Earth Day and all they did was buy organic yams. Wusses."

How about that for a cool and simple Earth Day activity? As for my ecoDeed today?

I'll be finishing the DIYcalendar I ended up drawing up with a cardboard straight edge last night. Note to self: purchase a ruler ;D for better spaced out lines.

See, I had plans of purchasing a 2009 calendar this weekend. A paper calendar to jot down important dates that I'd begun to find myself forgetting since (finally) switching to digital (successfully) last fall. However, while I'm staying digital with iCal, there's nothing like planning the upcoming spring and summer months with a physical calendar in front of you, right? So late last night, I was inspired... Afterall, I've got tons of recycled paper, a great set of colourful Sharpies, and thankfully that handy cardboard straight edge lying around. Why buy when I could make?

Ended saving money ("the green"), being creative, putting my own personal touch to the design, and was "GREEN", simply by doing it myself. Here's to doin' it yourself ! DIY ! w00t !

Whatcha ECOdoing today to start the week ecoRight? Comment below to increase your odds of winning a special Ecojot Earth Day prize pack valued at over $50! Need more details. See original post here. T-minus 2 days folks!

Bon Lundi! Happy Monday!


PS - Live in the Niagara Region and listen to 105.1 The River? If yes, then hopefully you know... But if not, take a listen... "In support of Earth Day 2009. Radio 105.1 The River, is Going Green. They’re awarding listeners 1 daily giveaway of 1 ecojot prize pack between April 13-24th." Details at here.


Kathleen said...

First comment today! Weee... PS - I hope your summer calendar will include a trip to my Island :)

My ECOdeed for the day will be to walk to get my groceries, which I haven't been doing lately...

KJB said...

Rather than water some plants that I am in the process of moving from my Mother's garden to mine, I left them outside and let the rain do the watering.

Anonymous said...

my day will be filled with:
no heat in my apartment - only sweaters
and canvas bags for all shopping! (i might even buy a cart-on-wheels to facilitate my bus-with-groceries travel!)

ikkinlala said...

I'll be spending quite a lot of the day gardening.

Geralyn said...

My ECOdeed today is that I will bike to work instead of drive :)

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

hello again!
i am s excited for earth day, because the new disney movie earth comes out! and i can't wait to see it! i loved planet earth, so i can't wait for this!
today i am going to wash my clothes in cold water!

knittingwoman said...

My ecodeed for the day was using fold up travel chopsticks when eating take out sushi (yes I know that a take out container was involved) and refusing the plastic bag as well for the sushi. we also composted the leftover ginger and the little paper cup it came in.
I now carry a travel mug, fold up chopsticks, spoon and fork and cloth napkin with me at all times.


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