Friday, April 24, 2009

And the April Special Earth Day Giveaway Winner is...

That's right I went video for this special announcement... Eeek! 

Here goes my second attempt at vlogging...
*smiles widely, cheeks pink with embarrassment.*

Perhaps I should stick to typing ;) You be the judge...

Thank you again to all of you who participated in my April Giveaway... plus now putting up with my vlogging attempt deux 0;)  I can't wait to announce my May Giveaway, plus a very special Ecojot Flickr-inspired one that's coming up too... So be sure to stay tuned, my dear ECOfriends ;D

Meanwhile, clearly I'm feeling much better and it's way too sunny to stay indoors. Mama Earth wants us all to enjoy and the gorgeous sun rays!

Bon Vendredi! Happy Friday!  And of course...
Bon Weekend!  Happy Weekend!



carolyn Gavin said...

Fantastic Video vogging!! well done to the winner AND thank you Ecojotter for the Earth day special Giveaway!

corteaus said...

AWESOME VLOG! You should definitely make more - it's so much fun to watch you! :D
Belated Happy Earth Day!

ecojotter said...

Awwww shucks, thank you carolyn and corteaus :)

it was fun vlogging... and thanks to your encouragement i think i may just trying vlogging again soon! ;D


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