Monday, April 27, 2009

Is May only three more days away?

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Good day fellow ecoDeeders !

I must admit, I miss reading all your regular ecoComments. It began to become a very pleasant routine blogging about my ecoActs and then hearing all about yours ;) So if you ever just feel inclined to share 'em anyway, know you're not only welcome but encouraged to ;D

So this past Friday, I announced the Special Earth Day Giveaway winner via my second-much-more-successful-thanks-to-the-beautiful-sunshine-attempt-of-a-vlog.

Am just hoping "lucky #50 - mickey53" contacts me!

In fact, because I desperately want to avoid a repeat of my M.I.A. January Giveaway Winner... That's right January 2009 Giveaway winner accidentally failed to include contact info and never returned to discover that she'd won... :(

SO I've decided I may have to insist that winners claim their prize within two weeks of my announcing them the winner or they forfeit their win. And I will in turn pick a new winner. For there is certainly no reason the beautiful Earth Day inspired Ecojot prize pack I've put together should not go to a recipient, right?

So with that said, I'd like to make a final call out to Lora who proudly commented on January on 14th that....

So if you are Lora (or know her please tell her to) please contact me, to claim your ecoAgenda prize! Although it's almost May, your Ecojot ecoAgenda prize is great because you fill in the dates!

If I don't hear from Lora by this Friday, May 1st... I shall pick a new winner from the 40 other January 2009 ecoCommenters! And hopefully by May 8th, I'll hear from Mickey53 too... So remember future giveaway participants, please include contact info!  :D

Am off to Chicago tomorrow for a 2.5 day conference (it starts tomorrow afternoon through to Thursday)... Just in case, I don't get a chance to check in, blog, twitter and the like till Friday... Happy Week! Bonne semaine!

And while many of you may have already seen this, in fact according to the view count prior to my embedding, it's been viewed "58,568,095" times... I'd only seen this for the first time this weekend when a cute boy played it for me while we were exchanging YouTube favs... I absolutely heart Pachelbel Cannon, but had never heard it on electric guitar before...



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