Friday, April 17, 2009

April Giveaway: Earth Day Countdown T-minus 5 days! "Sunny and high of 20 degrees today!!!"

So I made it to Ikea (Vaughan) yesterday... Thanks due in no small part to Simon and Elle II (Simon's new hatchback).... Thanks again you two :)

It was a bit nuts. Again, sorry Simon and Elle II 0: )  I suggested that we go close to close, since I clearly had a list in hand.   And we were not only going to stick by it, but find all the items on my list with absolute delusional Ikea ease.  Riiight.  Simon's mistake?  Agreeing to my convoluted plan!  Going close to close works if you've got two to three items on your list... It does not work if you've got over half a dozen!

The bad news?  Simon and Elle II may reconsider ever offering me a lift to Ikea again ;D  That and Ikea Vaughan was out of BABORD, the affordable ($6.49!) made of untreated but renewable material (wood!) and holds 8 shoes... was completely sold out :(

The good news?  While I didn't get the shoe racks, I got everything else on my list... Including 4 cork boards!  Yes 4, and yes, Simon did look at me like I was insane when I said and grabbed 4.  BUT I've got a less convoluted plan for the cork boards, and when I'm done I'll be sure to showcase 'em here ;)   Best of all... Came in on budget!  Woohoo!  A feat in itself considering it's ever ridiculously tempting Ikea, right?  Well, I think so :)

Inspired by Lindsay's "Today I decided to wear my organic cotton t-shirt that states: Hug the Earth. It's my gentle way to remind people that I love the earth, and they should too!"  Today's eco-do me: Speading some special eco-love and awareness with these awesome eco-cool tidbits:

1.  DesignerJots found out from friend Joanne that a certain talented gorgeous down-to-earth Canadian actress was sporting a seriously ecoFabulous paper accessory in New York the other day.  Can you guess who?  

Check out DesignerJots' recent post here to find out ;)  Possible hint, according to Joanne, not only is she just super ecoStylish and talented, she's genuinely trying to make a difference with two of her girlfriends.  Check out one of my fave new bookmarks, and the actress' ecoProject:

2.  Another new bookmarked fave?  The exciting part?  ecoki's Editorial Director Laurie recently contacted Mark to do a review of Ecojot's apparently "gorgeous stationary!"  How super eco-cool is that?  Check ecoki out.  To say they're ecoGreat is an understatement.  

In fact, their recent article "Beware of greenwashing and false claims" is a must-read for any eco-savvy consumer.  Proudly I'm pretty certain after reading the article that Ecojot is among those 2% products that are genuinely greenwashing sin-free!  Now that's something to smile about, especially if you're a proud owner of an Ecojot notebook, or in my case notebookS like me ;)

So while, I don't have a Hug the Earth t-shirt, I do believe it might just get warm enough to wear one of the spring/summer Preloved dresses I bought at the their recent Sample Sale!!! 

Happy Friday and Bon Weekend!  While I don't typically blog on weekends, I'll do my best to squeeze in two bonus days of chances to comment more and increase winning odds ;)



Whatcha doing today to "Hug the Earth?"  Comment below to increase your odds of winning a special Ecojot Earth Day prize pack valued at over $50!  Need more details.  See original post here.


KJB said...

Today, I am at a conference centre. Rather than use the paper cups provided, I have taken a ceramic cup from the dining room.

Geralyn said...

Today, I used public transit instead of driving out.

ikkinlala said...

Today I'm carpooling to town with a neighbour rather than making a separate trip.

Painted Tree Designs said...

laundry with cold water and hanging to dry in the apartment is so in my future... ie. afternoon. I find clothes last so much longer if they are air-dry - eco and economically friendly bonuses

Kathleen said...

Today, and most everyday, I drank all my daily doses of coffee from my 'go-mug'...

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

today i am going to write in my ecojotter notebook, for a meeting i have to go to, instead of using regular, non-recycalled paper!

Anonymous said...

when i left the house this morning, i unplugged/turned off almost everything (not the alarm clocks) that could still generate power on it's stand-by mode, turned the heat off & opened the windows.
oh! and i took the bus when i could have easily taken a cab...

(this countdown is fun, it's making me realise the little things i do everyday to help the earth!)


K said...

Today I am gifting 4 boxes of stuff via freecycle to a woman who is holding a sale to raise money for a cancer charity.
It's fantastic that our unneeded items can find new homes rather than sit in a landfill for a thousand years.

Bcteagirl said...

Today I think I will try for meatless meals.

mickey53 said...

Today I saved all the enveloppes from the mail, I used them for lists for shopping, to do lists, phone messages etc.

rhaya said...

I am traveling right now... my backpack is made from recycled bottles, and I will make the same eco-decisions (turning off lights, reusing bath towels) that I would do at home.

chriscaron said...

cycling to work, not using our gas stove, taking sponge showers, continuing making beautiful earth cards to inspire reflection and appreciation for mother earth.


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