Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Giveaway: Earth Day Countdown T-minus 3 days....

femminuccia "little girl"
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Oh sweet memories of storytelling Sunday strolls in Beautiful Europe...

My ecoDeed, on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon?

Une promenade. Literal translation: a leisurely walk. But after calling France home last year, I've come to appreciate that it's so much more. It's a custom of spending the day enjoying life, wonderful company (be it amongst family, friends or strangers), putting the electronic devices away and giving a simple nod and smile to a joie de vivre and notre amour pour la terre! **zest for life and our love for the earth ;)

Be it in Toronto, Paris, New York, or Rome, where this photo of "femminuccia - little girl" was taken. Here's to the simple ecoAct of embracing Mother Earth by enjoying her on a beautiful sunny day such as today, and remembering not to take her for granted :)

Whatcha ECOdoing this beautiful Saturday? Comment below to increase your odds of winning a special Ecojot Earth Day prize pack valued at over $50! Need more details. See original post here.

Bon Dimanche! Happy Sunday!



Anonymous said...

first! woohoo! :)
i'm air-drying a hunk load of clothes today... that i handwashed! (yay for less energy-using!)

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

today i am going to the farmers market, by bus. and i'll buy some local things, and support our local businesses!
Megan :)

Painted Tree Designs said...

coffee in my mug rather than a paper cup.

knittingwoman said...

We walked downtown and back for my daughter's dance class, then I biked to and from a meeting. Finally, I sorted out the recycling and composting from a bike camping trip my son went on yesterday.

Kathleen said...

I walked (5-k each way) to brunch with my friends instead of taking my car! and it only took 40 minutes each way!! will definitely be doing that again :)

Geralyn said...

Brought my mug to Starbucks so that I don't need to use their paper cups, yay :)

KJB said...

I went to a bar-b-que today: we insisted on NOT using paper, but using the kitchenware and washing up afterwards.


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