Friday, February 27, 2009

Earth Hour, Earth Day, Green Week 'n Globe Style

The Buy: Ecojot Notebooks, according to the Globe and Mail.

What a way to end the week and start the weekend... Finding out Ecojot was featured in the Style section of the Globe and Mail! Please check out the article, recommend, and share. Here's to being reminded of the simple joys of scribbling out a quick note or doodling designs ;)

So I blogged about Earth Hour yesterday, and today I will be chatting with Mark Gavin of Ecojot about Earth Day. Ecojot is excitedly supporting a 105.1 The River Earth Day Event in Niagara Falls. So if you're by the Falls on April 22nd be sure to listen in for your chance to win Ecojot prizes!
Plus in a little over a week, The Science Undergraduate Society of McGill University will be hosting GreenWeek 2009, and Ecojot is excitedly supporting this awesome initiative too: "designed to promote environmentally friendly lifestyle choices." They're even doing a fashion show called ECOuture!

And although I think everyday should be treated as Earth Day... It is a great day to come together and celebrate our planet and strengthen awareness in our need to protect and nurture it. What do you think? As I brainstorm with Ecojot on ideas to make a difference and spread ecoAwareness on April 22nd 2009, it would be wonderful to hear from you!

Are you part of a green club at school or work? Do you have a green related cause you're promoting? Perhaps somehow we can collaborate... Clearly I've got a bit of clout with Ecojot ;) Comment below or email me (ecojotter at gmail dot com)... Let's work together and make a difference, even if it's one ecoScribble, ecoDoodle, ecoIdea at a time...

Bon weekend! Looking forward to hearing from YOU!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vote Earth with Earth Hour.

It seemed very apropos that I come across the following ad for Earth Hour on YouTube last night after blogging all about lights, or rather turning them off when not in use by way of sensors and timers yesterday.

Are you familiar with Earth Hour? I wanted to learn more so I clicked on to a related video (see below), to discover a single cool city started this now amazing global event.

I recall being in France last year when I was invited on Facebook by a friend to partake. I was unable to appreciate an entire city turning off their skyscraper lights... I wasn't and am still unsure if Paris participated...  But I pictured Toronto, remembering the Northeast Blackout of 2003 and the only time I recall seeing so many stars in the sky in a major city.

The unexpected lights out on that hot 14th of August, as I fondly recall, brought together strangers. Impromptu BBQ neighbourhood-wide invitations to prevent perishable foods from going to waste, stargazing in the parks or simply offering a glass of water to a passerby walking home... From what I hear there are many who wish we could have a commemorative blackout each year to save energy and re-energize a sense of uncommon community.

Earth Hour may just be one hour, and may not cause the excitement the Northeast Black of 2003 did... Regardless, it's a great cause to raise eco-awareness. Here's hoping you Vote Earth! Want more information? Visit: and help spread the word.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sensored, timed and on call... lights!

I was inspired by the flowers I'd added to my pulling the February Giveaway Winner out of my bright pink beret, that I drew the green light bulb above. Whatcha think? Okay, perhaps I should leave the art to Designerjots ;)

By now you may have guessed, today's post is brought to you by light bulbs! How's this for an innovative idea, a light bulb with a built in sensor? As dvice points out "there are plenty of motion-sensing outdoor light, but about inside your home?" Hallways for example do not need to be let all the time.
"The Smarthome Screw-in Motion Sensing Light Adapter, as the name applies, screws into a typical bulb socket — no screwdrivers required. Turn on the light switch and the bulb will turn on only when it detects motion, then shuts off automatically when there's no movement within a 16-foot range. The length of time it stays on is adjustable from 5 to 100 seconds. It retails for $25, but who knows how much you'll save in energy costs?" Available at Amazon.

Also on dvice, I came across another cool light-related feature, this time regarding lighting whole street blocks... On call! That's right "on call." Cities are no exception to the need to save on green (cash variety) and so it's no surprise that "towns all over the work have started turning off their street lighting to save money."

However what about safety, or as dvice points out "when Grandma's pooch needs to go walkies at 2 AM?" Well a few German towns have come up with an on call solution... literally, called Dial4Light. Local residents can call up to selectively light up street by street. After 15 minutes a times reverts the street back into darkness. Thus far, participating towns have benefited from a 25 percent savings in their street lighting bills. For a more complete article check out Treehugger.

These two brilliant energy, pun intended ;) ideas got me thinking about my recent year in France. Whenever I visited an apartment building (large or small), and small office buildings, all light switches in hallways and stairwells were on a timer. I found this to be one of those obvious clever ideas, one I am surprised not to see this put into more practice in North America.

Well that's it for now. Clearly my absence last week has left me with lots to say 0;) Again, my apologies, here's hoping you're still reading... Please leave me a comment to relieve my fears *wink, wink, nudge, nudge.*


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February Giveaway Winner Revealed

First and foremost, I wish to thank all 65 love definers! Wow 65 love definitions... That's the most participants I've ever had for a giveaway, my third... Thank you! Remember, I will host a giveaway every month, so be sure to visit next week ;)

And the winner is...

As you can see, in an effort to be eco-conscious I have a set of numbered (100% recycled ecojot of course!) paper strips that I use to pick out the winner... And winning number 19 just happens to be...

Congratulations doreen is love! I look forward to sending you your prize. Speaking of prizes, I still haven't heard from Lora, my January Giveaway winner... If you are Lora or know Lora (let her know she's won)!

Finally, one of the entries deserves a special mention since it included an adorable YouTube video, check out this literally super sweet video below...

Happy Tuesday! Oh yes, Fat Tuesday! Mardi Gras! Eat lots of sweets ;)


Monday, February 23, 2009

May we please rewind to Friday?

Wow, it certainly feels like a while since I've last blogged. My sincerest apologies. I went to Collingwood (approximately less than 2 hours north of Toronto) for a weekend retreat... It was great getting out of the city and I returned refreshed and ready to conquer the world, starting with getting back on track with my blogging!

I shall announce my February Giveaway winner tomorrow, so please stay tuned. Meanwhile, here's last Friday's post I'd started but didn't get a chance to upload since I had visions of chasing the big yellow school bus to Collingwood. Here's to a new week and getting back to a regular scheduled blogging...

--- 20 February 2009 ---
Is it really already Friday?

My genuine apologies for my absence all week. Monday was a holiday here in Ontario... Family Day to be precise (and President's Day in US?) Then of course the shorter week caught up with me, a little bug, etc. etc., yeah I'll spare you the excuses ;)

Am off to a retreat up north this weekend, which unfortunately means that I'll be missing ecoSuave** this Saturday... Thank you again to the reader who told me about it. If you're in Toronto tomorrow and find yourself with some time... Be "effortlessly gracious and green in a social manner" and check out the party at the National Ballet School.

So parties have music, and speaking of music, do remember the classic mix tape? How was that for a segway?

Well I certainly remember them. I recall exchanging cassette tapes between friends, listening to them on road trips or individually on my walkman... Then there was of course that one mix-tape from that cute older high school crush, and attempting to dissect the hidden meaning behind each song including the one he wrote and sang! Oh memories...

All right before I continue to digress, how about an eco-friendly gadget that brings back those mix-tape memories...

Although, no I'm not referring to a memory stick in a cleverly redesigned cassette box (as shown above and available at ThinkGeek). I am referring to an actual cleverly redesigned cassette-looking contraption that plays mp3s... Check it out:

I'm not sure where you can purchase it. It may just be in its idea stage. Although an iPod is definitely more convenient to carry around your entire music collection in your pocket. I love the nostalgic and sustainable (use of of kinetic energy) characteristics. The mp3 cassette player was originally featured on and


PS - **Again, my apologies for the old post, anyone attend ecoSuave? How was it? Or what about the Oscars? Watch them last night? I missed them... How about sharing your favourite Academy Award moments?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day (Eve)!

I first saw the picture above on designerjots.  The artwork is by Banksy, "a street/ graffiti artist from London, UK" who apparently works anonymously.

So on Friday the 13th / Valentine's Day Eve I send you lots of love, in the form of a heart shaped red balloon floating in the sky... Thank you for reading my ecojots and ramblings!

Plus, whether you need a last minute Valentine's present (or another occasion) for that main squeeze, girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, friend or yourself... Here's an excellent eco-idea that I found by way of Therapeutic Landscapes: "Forget the chocolate, gimme a tree."  Why not have a tree planted for that special someone?  Or trees for special someones?  Thank you for the eco-idea, Naomi!

I must admit however that my Valentine's Day cards will be little 3.5x5" ecoWorkbooks.  They double as gift and card!  Or a functional card since I jot my greeting in the front and the other pages are for the recipient's jottings :D  Plus, I suppose since it's a 100% recycled a.k.a. vintage trees... I am in essence giving my loved ones trees ;)  I'll save the planted trees for my next loved one's birthday perhaps!

Lastly, all this talk about trees reminded me of a YouTube fave, Said the Raindrop to the Seed:

That's it for now.  Remember to comment here, for your chance to win some ecoLove in the form of a complete ecoCollection ;)


Thursday, February 12, 2009

According to you, love is lots of things... :)

On a dreary rainy windy day (at least here in Toronto), all I want to do is stay cozily curled up in my bed, listen to tunes and flip through a magazine or surf the web... But of course I had to go to work this morning... Why does the mild winter weather have to come with rain, and lots of it (and when I can't find an umbrella)?

All right 'nough whining =/ What cheered me up were the 26 entries thus far for my February Giveaway. Although I will be picking the winner randomly, likely from my bright pink beret again ;) here are a few of my faves that put a smile on my face... Although truth be told they all put a much needed smile on my grumpy face this morning... Thank you :D

Lelee said...
Love is the closest thing we as mortals have to magic.
The emotion is indescribable, it can only be felt.
With it, it gives us hope & joy.

doreen is love said...
Love is when you pick me up...when my face is down.
Love is when you hold me close when I'm feeling cold.
Love is when you hold my hand....just because.
Love is us.

Love is essential.

If you haven't yet already, please keep the entries coming! And if you don't visit my blog on a regular basis, although, I'm hoping you do ;) please remember to include contact info, ie. an email address in case you win! In fact, I'm still looking to hear back from Lora, my January Giveaway winner... Lora, where art thou? :)


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Super Sweet (Silly) Robots!

It's Wednesday, and it feels as if I haven't posted a YouTube video in a while... Which isn't technically true, unless "a while" means not in the last three posts 0;)

Anyway, I figured we could all always use a little silliness in our lives, especially in the middle of the week... Below is a video I came across which is again silly but cute, and inspired/in response to the one below it (equally as silly, cute and I think the tunes are cool)...

Happy Hump Day! Just 3 days left for your chance to win designerjots' February Giveaway, and 11 days till mine ends... Comment about love <3


Monday, February 9, 2009

February Giveaway: LOVE according to you...

I am a gal and therefore from time to time find myself quite fond of chick flicks!

chick flick: noun informal : a movie that appeals mainly to women.

Therefore, I couldn't resist going to go see the latest chick flick "He's just not that into you." It was as I had hoped and expected, entertaining in that "appeals mainly to women" kinda way ;) And if I need to sum it up in 25 words or less, I'd say... The gist of the flick is...

And with the anticipated or dreaded Valentine's Day less than a week a way, I can't help but think of that evocative four letter word... LOVE...

What is LOVE to you?

Tell me (as a comment), for your chance to win a complete set of Ecojot's LOVE ecoCOLLECTION displayed above. My February Giveaway will run until midnight of February 22nd, and to start it off, I will say, according to me...

Love is a smile; a sigh coupled with sweet tears... Love is.


PS - DesignerJots is holding a similar giveaway until this Saturday (Valentine's Day)... Click here for your second chance to win :D

Friday, February 6, 2009

And the (January Giveaway) winner is...

I am pleased to announce the winner of my January Giveaway is Lora (see above). Congratulations Lora! Here's hoping you read my blog on a regular basis since when I click on your name, no contact information is available... Please email me at ecojotter at gmail dot com ;)

I must admit, I wish I could have given you all prizes... Reading all your ecoResolutions was ever so inspiring. Keep up the ecoFabulous work everyone!

Speaking of inspring and ecoFabulous have you heard of the website: Written by Annie Leonard, if you've got about 20 minutes, I highly recommend checking what Annie has to say out. Some stuff may seem obvious, others not so much. I think in general I am simply happy to see that being genuinely eco-savvy is becoming more mainstream, so please help spread the word! In fact, here's a list of Another Way to do things....

Well that's it for now. Oh wait, I lied 0;) Want another chance to win... There are two! One from DesignerJots, a Valentine's Giveaway. And the other from yours truly, to be announced next week, so stay tuned!

Bon weekend!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Poo-powered public transit.

Yes, you read that headline correctly... I said "poo powered public transit," poo powered buses in Oslo to be exact. I originally discovered the headline "Transportation Tuesday: Oslo Buses to run on Poo Power!"at Inhabitat and couldn't help but read more at Wired and The Guardian. I particularly loved how The Guardian displayed a toilet handle with their headline "Flush hour: Oslo to run buses powered by biomethane from human sewage."

The concept is simple take all the waste from Oslo's sewer that already exists and turn it into biomethane fuel, or as Wired says, "poo-to-pump-fuel." It sounds gross but as the magazine points out, "Biomethane is produced during a four-phase process called anaerobic digestion that uses microorganisms to break down everything from human waste and leftover food to lawn clippings and stuff swept from the slaughterhouse floor."

My apologies to those who are visiting to find out who the ecoAgenda/ecoResolution winner is and instead discovered me talking about "number two." I will be announcing the winner this week (promise!) and announcing my February Giveaway next week :)

I just had to blog about this albeit gross-sounding but most certainly innovative idea by the City of Oslo. Kudos to them for literally turning poo into savings (twice over, economically and environmentally)! I wonder which cities will be inspired to follow suite...

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eco-cool coffee re-use.

So apparently Punxsutawney Phil (the Groundhog) did see his shadow, as did Nova Scotia's Shubnedacadie Sam which means six more weeks of winter :(  Or as "Ontario's Wiarton Willie then weighed in: 'The sun has peaked, my shadow I see, six more weeks of winter it will be.' "

Interestingly, although Punxsutawney "town authorities say Phil is always correct about the duration of winter but according to the U.S. National Climate Prediction Center, Phil and other U.S. and Canadian groundhogs get it right about 39% of the time," according to the National Post. So there's hope yet! Clearly, I'm not so secretly hoping this is the 61% of the time the groundhogs are wrong!

Instead of announcing the January Giveaway winner today... I like to keep a little suspense going 0;) Two tidbits today none weather related one eco-cool and one just plain hilarious...

If like me, you're fond of coffee (my preference lately is a bold shot of espresso), and like me, are hesitant of purchasing an ink jet printer particularly because the cost of printers are always cheap but the ink cartridges never are... Check this out, a printer that uses coffee grounds or tea bags as ink!  

As seen at DVICE and Inhabitat, it does not appear available for purchase yet.  The RITI Coffee Printer is among 49 other eco-friendly inventions competing for your vote as a top greener gadget of 2009!  Voting details here.  I plan to check out the full list later today ;)

Finally for the "one just plain hilarious..."  Since I've gotten the habit of putting YouTube videos up on a regular basis, recently shared by a friend and perhaps already seen, but still enjoyable twice, maybe even thrice...

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

I'm not sure if the groundhog emerged from from his burrow and saw his shadow or not... However, I must admit I hoping he didn't and winter will end soon!

So I can't not mention Groundhog Day without mentioning the movie of the same name starring Bill Murray.  If you haven't seen it, watch it today :)  Here's a clip...

I posted this particular clip since, it reminds me of the Facebook phenomena.  I will be the first to admit, I am known to spend countless hours on Facebook, and as I suspect you know relish the moments I can connect with fellow Ecojot fans.  I can't recall if I've introduced you to Happyslip one of my favourite YouTube personalities who always seems to manage to "slip [me] into happiness."  I hope this video does the same for you...

Thank you to all the January Giveaway participants I will be announcing the winner this week... Perhaps tomorrow, so please check back in ;)

Meanwhile... Again, Happy Groundhog Day!


PS- dreamxlogic, so happy to see you enjoyed the Hugs video I recently posted :)


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