Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eco-cool coffee re-use.

So apparently Punxsutawney Phil (the Groundhog) did see his shadow, as did Nova Scotia's Shubnedacadie Sam which means six more weeks of winter :(  Or as "Ontario's Wiarton Willie then weighed in: 'The sun has peaked, my shadow I see, six more weeks of winter it will be.' "

Interestingly, although Punxsutawney "town authorities say Phil is always correct about the duration of winter but according to the U.S. National Climate Prediction Center, Phil and other U.S. and Canadian groundhogs get it right about 39% of the time," according to the National Post. So there's hope yet! Clearly, I'm not so secretly hoping this is the 61% of the time the groundhogs are wrong!

Instead of announcing the January Giveaway winner today... I like to keep a little suspense going 0;) Two tidbits today none weather related one eco-cool and one just plain hilarious...

If like me, you're fond of coffee (my preference lately is a bold shot of espresso), and like me, are hesitant of purchasing an ink jet printer particularly because the cost of printers are always cheap but the ink cartridges never are... Check this out, a printer that uses coffee grounds or tea bags as ink!  

As seen at DVICE and Inhabitat, it does not appear available for purchase yet.  The RITI Coffee Printer is among 49 other eco-friendly inventions competing for your vote as a top greener gadget of 2009!  Voting details here.  I plan to check out the full list later today ;)

Finally for the "one just plain hilarious..."  Since I've gotten the habit of putting YouTube videos up on a regular basis, recently shared by a friend and perhaps already seen, but still enjoyable twice, maybe even thrice...

Happy Tuesday!


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