Thursday, February 12, 2009

According to you, love is lots of things... :)

On a dreary rainy windy day (at least here in Toronto), all I want to do is stay cozily curled up in my bed, listen to tunes and flip through a magazine or surf the web... But of course I had to go to work this morning... Why does the mild winter weather have to come with rain, and lots of it (and when I can't find an umbrella)?

All right 'nough whining =/ What cheered me up were the 26 entries thus far for my February Giveaway. Although I will be picking the winner randomly, likely from my bright pink beret again ;) here are a few of my faves that put a smile on my face... Although truth be told they all put a much needed smile on my grumpy face this morning... Thank you :D

Lelee said...
Love is the closest thing we as mortals have to magic.
The emotion is indescribable, it can only be felt.
With it, it gives us hope & joy.

doreen is love said...
Love is when you pick me up...when my face is down.
Love is when you hold me close when I'm feeling cold.
Love is when you hold my hand....just because.
Love is us.

Love is essential.

If you haven't yet already, please keep the entries coming! And if you don't visit my blog on a regular basis, although, I'm hoping you do ;) please remember to include contact info, ie. an email address in case you win! In fact, I'm still looking to hear back from Lora, my January Giveaway winner... Lora, where art thou? :)


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