Monday, February 23, 2009

May we please rewind to Friday?

Wow, it certainly feels like a while since I've last blogged. My sincerest apologies. I went to Collingwood (approximately less than 2 hours north of Toronto) for a weekend retreat... It was great getting out of the city and I returned refreshed and ready to conquer the world, starting with getting back on track with my blogging!

I shall announce my February Giveaway winner tomorrow, so please stay tuned. Meanwhile, here's last Friday's post I'd started but didn't get a chance to upload since I had visions of chasing the big yellow school bus to Collingwood. Here's to a new week and getting back to a regular scheduled blogging...

--- 20 February 2009 ---
Is it really already Friday?

My genuine apologies for my absence all week. Monday was a holiday here in Ontario... Family Day to be precise (and President's Day in US?) Then of course the shorter week caught up with me, a little bug, etc. etc., yeah I'll spare you the excuses ;)

Am off to a retreat up north this weekend, which unfortunately means that I'll be missing ecoSuave** this Saturday... Thank you again to the reader who told me about it. If you're in Toronto tomorrow and find yourself with some time... Be "effortlessly gracious and green in a social manner" and check out the party at the National Ballet School.

So parties have music, and speaking of music, do remember the classic mix tape? How was that for a segway?

Well I certainly remember them. I recall exchanging cassette tapes between friends, listening to them on road trips or individually on my walkman... Then there was of course that one mix-tape from that cute older high school crush, and attempting to dissect the hidden meaning behind each song including the one he wrote and sang! Oh memories...

All right before I continue to digress, how about an eco-friendly gadget that brings back those mix-tape memories...

Although, no I'm not referring to a memory stick in a cleverly redesigned cassette box (as shown above and available at ThinkGeek). I am referring to an actual cleverly redesigned cassette-looking contraption that plays mp3s... Check it out:

I'm not sure where you can purchase it. It may just be in its idea stage. Although an iPod is definitely more convenient to carry around your entire music collection in your pocket. I love the nostalgic and sustainable (use of of kinetic energy) characteristics. The mp3 cassette player was originally featured on and


PS - **Again, my apologies for the old post, anyone attend ecoSuave? How was it? Or what about the Oscars? Watch them last night? I missed them... How about sharing your favourite Academy Award moments?

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