Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day (Eve)!

I first saw the picture above on designerjots.  The artwork is by Banksy, "a street/ graffiti artist from London, UK" who apparently works anonymously.

So on Friday the 13th / Valentine's Day Eve I send you lots of love, in the form of a heart shaped red balloon floating in the sky... Thank you for reading my ecojots and ramblings!

Plus, whether you need a last minute Valentine's present (or another occasion) for that main squeeze, girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, friend or yourself... Here's an excellent eco-idea that I found by way of Therapeutic Landscapes: "Forget the chocolate, gimme a tree."  Why not have a tree planted for that special someone?  Or trees for special someones?  Thank you for the eco-idea, Naomi!

I must admit however that my Valentine's Day cards will be little 3.5x5" ecoWorkbooks.  They double as gift and card!  Or a functional card since I jot my greeting in the front and the other pages are for the recipient's jottings :D  Plus, I suppose since it's a 100% recycled a.k.a. vintage trees... I am in essence giving my loved ones trees ;)  I'll save the planted trees for my next loved one's birthday perhaps!

Lastly, all this talk about trees reminded me of a YouTube fave, Said the Raindrop to the Seed:

That's it for now.  Remember to comment here, for your chance to win some ecoLove in the form of a complete ecoCollection ;)


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Meg said...

thanks for your comment over at Pink to Green- made my week! love the idea of gifting a tree, especially for valentines day... so unexpected! keep up the good work!


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