Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February Giveaway Winner Revealed

First and foremost, I wish to thank all 65 love definers! Wow 65 love definitions... That's the most participants I've ever had for a giveaway, my third... Thank you! Remember, I will host a giveaway every month, so be sure to visit next week ;)

And the winner is...

As you can see, in an effort to be eco-conscious I have a set of numbered (100% recycled ecojot of course!) paper strips that I use to pick out the winner... And winning number 19 just happens to be...

Congratulations doreen is love! I look forward to sending you your prize. Speaking of prizes, I still haven't heard from Lora, my January Giveaway winner... If you are Lora or know Lora (let her know she's won)!

Finally, one of the entries deserves a special mention since it included an adorable YouTube video, check out this literally super sweet video below...

Happy Tuesday! Oh yes, Fat Tuesday! Mardi Gras! Eat lots of sweets ;)



doreen said...

Wow....I won.
Oh what a joy and I am jumping....so you know.
Oh what a joy and I am excited to recieve.
Thank you huge...my universe.


ecojotter said...

You did indeed, Doreen! Again congratulations! You'll receieve your LOVE prize pack soon.

Thank you to you and everyone else for participating :)


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