Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Poo-powered public transit.

Yes, you read that headline correctly... I said "poo powered public transit," poo powered buses in Oslo to be exact. I originally discovered the headline "Transportation Tuesday: Oslo Buses to run on Poo Power!"at Inhabitat and couldn't help but read more at Wired and The Guardian. I particularly loved how The Guardian displayed a toilet handle with their headline "Flush hour: Oslo to run buses powered by biomethane from human sewage."

The concept is simple take all the waste from Oslo's sewer that already exists and turn it into biomethane fuel, or as Wired says, "poo-to-pump-fuel." It sounds gross but as the magazine points out, "Biomethane is produced during a four-phase process called anaerobic digestion that uses microorganisms to break down everything from human waste and leftover food to lawn clippings and stuff swept from the slaughterhouse floor."

My apologies to those who are visiting to find out who the ecoAgenda/ecoResolution winner is and instead discovered me talking about "number two." I will be announcing the winner this week (promise!) and announcing my February Giveaway next week :)

I just had to blog about this albeit gross-sounding but most certainly innovative idea by the City of Oslo. Kudos to them for literally turning poo into savings (twice over, economically and environmentally)! I wonder which cities will be inspired to follow suite...

Happy Wednesday!



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