Monday, April 27, 2009

Is May only three more days away?

Chicago Skyline
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Good day fellow ecoDeeders !

I must admit, I miss reading all your regular ecoComments. It began to become a very pleasant routine blogging about my ecoActs and then hearing all about yours ;) So if you ever just feel inclined to share 'em anyway, know you're not only welcome but encouraged to ;D

So this past Friday, I announced the Special Earth Day Giveaway winner via my second-much-more-successful-thanks-to-the-beautiful-sunshine-attempt-of-a-vlog.

Am just hoping "lucky #50 - mickey53" contacts me!

In fact, because I desperately want to avoid a repeat of my M.I.A. January Giveaway Winner... That's right January 2009 Giveaway winner accidentally failed to include contact info and never returned to discover that she'd won... :(

SO I've decided I may have to insist that winners claim their prize within two weeks of my announcing them the winner or they forfeit their win. And I will in turn pick a new winner. For there is certainly no reason the beautiful Earth Day inspired Ecojot prize pack I've put together should not go to a recipient, right?

So with that said, I'd like to make a final call out to Lora who proudly commented on January on 14th that....

So if you are Lora (or know her please tell her to) please contact me, to claim your ecoAgenda prize! Although it's almost May, your Ecojot ecoAgenda prize is great because you fill in the dates!

If I don't hear from Lora by this Friday, May 1st... I shall pick a new winner from the 40 other January 2009 ecoCommenters! And hopefully by May 8th, I'll hear from Mickey53 too... So remember future giveaway participants, please include contact info!  :D

Am off to Chicago tomorrow for a 2.5 day conference (it starts tomorrow afternoon through to Thursday)... Just in case, I don't get a chance to check in, blog, twitter and the like till Friday... Happy Week! Bonne semaine!

And while many of you may have already seen this, in fact according to the view count prior to my embedding, it's been viewed "58,568,095" times... I'd only seen this for the first time this weekend when a cute boy played it for me while we were exchanging YouTube favs... I absolutely heart Pachelbel Cannon, but had never heard it on electric guitar before...



Friday, April 24, 2009

And the April Special Earth Day Giveaway Winner is...

That's right I went video for this special announcement... Eeek! 

Here goes my second attempt at vlogging...
*smiles widely, cheeks pink with embarrassment.*

Perhaps I should stick to typing ;) You be the judge...

Thank you again to all of you who participated in my April Giveaway... plus now putting up with my vlogging attempt deux 0;)  I can't wait to announce my May Giveaway, plus a very special Ecojot Flickr-inspired one that's coming up too... So be sure to stay tuned, my dear ECOfriends ;D

Meanwhile, clearly I'm feeling much better and it's way too sunny to stay indoors. Mama Earth wants us all to enjoy and the gorgeous sun rays!

Bon Vendredi! Happy Friday!  And of course...
Bon Weekend!  Happy Weekend!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Grand Total of 102 EcoDeeds! Pat yourselves on the back!

That's right 102! You all deserve an ecoHOORAY! Regardless of who's name I pull from my hat and reveal as the winner tomorrow, you are all ECOwinner ECOdoers in my book :) Thanks for participating everyone! You've all been very ECOinspiring, plus you've inspired and encouraged a new Ecojotter trend, rolling giveaways! I can't wait to brainstorm the next one...

In fact, I just noticed in email from an oh-so-sweet, and I believe organic lip balm maker about hosting a giveaway here. How cool is that? I'll be sure to inquire for all you lip-balm loving readers like me ;)

Am happy to report I'm feeling much better. Still under-weather, but staying in bed and resting yesterday helped. Thank you to all who sent oh-so-thoughtful feel better messages ;)

Therefore, I must run to work in 10 minutes. So will and must keep this short...

Below are some pics of Earth Day EcoACTS:

Mark in Vancouver at a special Earth Day Wholefoods Event last weekend, plus some Toronto high school students making an ECOdifference in honour of Earth Day yesterday.

A special thank you to my friend Mr. Johnson Kong for sending along the pics. Mr. Liscum’s Period 1 Extended French Geography class, as well as Mr. Kong’s Period 1 Leadership and Peer Support class at L’Amoreaux Collegiate made a special commitment to hug mother earth yesterday, by ECOtiding up! Kudos you guys!

Till tomorrow...  Keep up the ECOawesome work y'all!

Bon Jeudi ! Happy Thursday !


PS-- Oops, my little "Earth Day ECOacts!"  banners didn't come out, or rather they came out really pixelly.  Désolée.  Sorry.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!! = April Giveaway Countdown T-TODAY!

While I so wish I were blogging this at my kitchen table as I enjoy my lunchtime at home (like yesterday!), unfortunately I'm blogging from bed because I'm feeling under the weather today :(

I woke up earlier this morning feeling a little unwell, but happily more so super excited that t-t-t-t-TODAY is....EARTH DAY! I logged on to my computer, twittered HAPPY EARTH DAY to y'all, and even managed to come across this amazing site PlantABillion that I've decided is going to be part of my ecoDEED today...

I'm going to plant 10! 10 trees today in honour of Mama Earth :)

However after the tiny bit of twittering, and ECOsurfing, I found myself calling my colleague Tracy to call in sick and go curl back into bed. 

So my fellow ECOdeeders, although I must keep this short, and little less chipper today since I'm feeling unwell... May I please just say...

YOU ECOrock!!!!

I tallied it up, as of today, beautiful wonderful Earth Day 93 ECOdeeds were shared via readers. More than a handful of you shared every day! You know who you are ;) A special thank you to you, the daily readers and commenters, for taking this Earth Day Countdown journey with me. It's been oh-so-inspiring and encouraging, plus a nudge that I should do more rolling giveaways ;)

So with that said, here's your chance to share your Earth Day ECOdeed to complete the special Earth Day Countdown April Giveaway journey with me...

In addition to planting 10 trees today, my ECOact was inspired by fellow twitterer Stacey.  I will make it a point, (although perhaps not today since I'm a less functioning today) to become a card-carrying member of the local LIBRARY system again! I've been back from France nearly nine months, it's about time and no more excuses!

So dear ECOfriends... What have ya or you gonna ECOdo today on Wednesday, Aprl 22nd... Our Mother Earth's DAY?  All you have to do is ECOcomment below for your chance to win a special Earth Day-inspired Ecojot prize-pack worth over $50!

Again Happy Earth Day ! Encore Bonne Journée de la Terre !


PS -- I will announce the April Giveaway winner this Friday!

PPS -- 4:01 minutes worth of smiles and giggles for you :) Enjoy:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Giveaway: Earth Day Countdown T-minus 1 day...

Carpooling is FUN!
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That's right tomorrow is Earth Day folks!!!!

That means only two more days to take advantage (or as the French say "profites-bien") of my Special Rolling Earth Day Giveaway. So if you haven't yet already, now is your chance to improve your odds by two to win an Ecojot Earth Day inspired prize-pack valued at over $50!

What do you have to do?  Simply comment below with your ecoDeed for the day. Visit and comment again tomorrow and you'll improve your chances with an additional entry ;) It's that easy.

Not sure what to ECOdo? Perhaps it's your first time here? Check out my past seven blog entries and read all the oh-so-ECOinspiring comment entries thus far!

As for me... What's my ecoDEED today?

Well, while I have the ECOfabulous luxury of having a super awesome commute to my part-time day gig, (super awesome because it's a super short 2 minute walk door to door by foot) and I can therefore come home for lunch and blog ;) Somethings, appointments, events and the like are just too far or complicated to get to by foot, bike, or even transit... Such as this evening where I've got plans to meet up with friends in North York. The plan? You guessed it by the Flickr pic I picked out... Carpooling!

Nothing feels better or more right than being in a car with two or more people, rather than all arriving at a destination different ways (ie, separate gas-guzzling vehicles).

Looking forward to reading what your ECOdoing today! Remember big or small, every bit of it adds up to make an ECOimpact!

Bon Mardi ! Happy Tuesday !


PS -- Attention all Toronto ECOfashionistas! Did you know Preloved is having a special BYOB: Earth Day Sale? I thought it was only tomorrow, but turns out the sales already begun. What's the ECOdeal? "In celebration of Earth Day, Preloved is taking 15-20% off EVERYTHING in the store, including the styles that are already totally on sale. The catch: you must bring your own bag:)"

Monday, April 20, 2009

April Giveaway: Earth Day Countdown T-minus 2 days...

First and foremost, thank you to each of you who visited the blog over the weekend, and shared your ecoActions. It was such a treat reading about how you were off to farmers markets, riding your bikes, walking a many kilometers and back, shopping with canvas bags, air-drying laundry, and using reusable to-go mugs and water bottles just to name a few ;)

How quickly a week goes by and these big and little ecoThings add up to make such an ecoDifference! Keep up the good ecoWork y'all!

With that said, how cool would be to take a picture of our beloved Mama Earth on her day? As in the WHOLE planet on Earth Day? Want to?

This morning, I got my twice-weekly dose of Photojojo. Know it? "One damn fine photo newsletter" as they like to call themselves, Photojojo "finds the best photo shiz anywhere." And I do believe they do stick to their mandate through and through ;:)

This morning's newsletter feature? "Take a Picture of the Whole Entire Planet!" How exactly does one do so, you're wondering?

Well apparently... "It's easy, just take some photos of the world around you on Wednesday April 22nd. Then send your best snap to the good folks at Earth Mosaic, and they’ll use it to create a giant photo mosaic of the Earth!

Then [as Photojojo points out] you can totally brag to your greener-than-thou friends about how you participated in a global art project on Earth Day and all they did was buy organic yams. Wusses."

How about that for a cool and simple Earth Day activity? As for my ecoDeed today?

I'll be finishing the DIYcalendar I ended up drawing up with a cardboard straight edge last night. Note to self: purchase a ruler ;D for better spaced out lines.

See, I had plans of purchasing a 2009 calendar this weekend. A paper calendar to jot down important dates that I'd begun to find myself forgetting since (finally) switching to digital (successfully) last fall. However, while I'm staying digital with iCal, there's nothing like planning the upcoming spring and summer months with a physical calendar in front of you, right? So late last night, I was inspired... Afterall, I've got tons of recycled paper, a great set of colourful Sharpies, and thankfully that handy cardboard straight edge lying around. Why buy when I could make?

Ended saving money ("the green"), being creative, putting my own personal touch to the design, and was "GREEN", simply by doing it myself. Here's to doin' it yourself ! DIY ! w00t !

Whatcha ECOdoing today to start the week ecoRight? Comment below to increase your odds of winning a special Ecojot Earth Day prize pack valued at over $50! Need more details. See original post here. T-minus 2 days folks!

Bon Lundi! Happy Monday!


PS - Live in the Niagara Region and listen to 105.1 The River? If yes, then hopefully you know... But if not, take a listen... "In support of Earth Day 2009. Radio 105.1 The River, is Going Green. They’re awarding listeners 1 daily giveaway of 1 ecojot prize pack between April 13-24th." Details at here.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Giveaway: Earth Day Countdown T-minus 3 days....

femminuccia "little girl"
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Oh sweet memories of storytelling Sunday strolls in Beautiful Europe...

My ecoDeed, on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon?

Une promenade. Literal translation: a leisurely walk. But after calling France home last year, I've come to appreciate that it's so much more. It's a custom of spending the day enjoying life, wonderful company (be it amongst family, friends or strangers), putting the electronic devices away and giving a simple nod and smile to a joie de vivre and notre amour pour la terre! **zest for life and our love for the earth ;)

Be it in Toronto, Paris, New York, or Rome, where this photo of "femminuccia - little girl" was taken. Here's to the simple ecoAct of embracing Mother Earth by enjoying her on a beautiful sunny day such as today, and remembering not to take her for granted :)

Whatcha ECOdoing this beautiful Saturday? Comment below to increase your odds of winning a special Ecojot Earth Day prize pack valued at over $50! Need more details. See original post here.

Bon Dimanche! Happy Sunday!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Giveaway: Earth Day Countdown T-minus 4 days...

hug a tree.
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Happiness is taking stock of where you've come from, pausing to enjoy where you are, and smiling at the possibilities that lay ahead.

Past, present and future... It's one growing thread.

On this Saturday afternoon, I sit, happy, smiling at this thread. Sometimes tangled, sometimes straight, other times, floating freely on a cool breeze. Yes, I should warn you, I'm in a bit of a philosophical mood ;)

While I certainly had no idea I'd be where I am today, sitting in a new abode (technically my fourth in the last nine months if you include my studio en France), blogging daily about my random (often scattered) thoughts on ECOeverything and anything, and embracing my inner tree-hugging-environmentalist so proudly, I can't help but be so very happy and feel so fortunate.

Every time I hold a monthly giveaway, particularly since announcing the special Earth Day rolling giveaway, I am filled with delight! For each time I get a little notification I've received a new comment/thought from you... I smile :)

Thank you for making me smile so very often. To hear the little and big ways you help make an ECOdifference, the moments you choose to embrace your inner tree-hugging-environmentalist... It reminds why I LOVE BEING ME, ECOJOTTER, as much as I do.

My ecoDEED today:

Reminding each of you how ECOawesome you are ;) So pat yourselves on the back! Plus going grocery shopping, weekend-errand-running, and strolling by foot (or bike if it's far) with my canvas bags all in hand.

Whatcha ECOdoing this beautiful Saturday? Comment below to increase your odds of winning a special Ecojot Earth Day prize pack valued at over $50! Need more details. See original post here.

Bon Samedi!


Friday, April 17, 2009

April Giveaway: Earth Day Countdown T-minus 5 days! "Sunny and high of 20 degrees today!!!"

So I made it to Ikea (Vaughan) yesterday... Thanks due in no small part to Simon and Elle II (Simon's new hatchback).... Thanks again you two :)

It was a bit nuts. Again, sorry Simon and Elle II 0: )  I suggested that we go close to close, since I clearly had a list in hand.   And we were not only going to stick by it, but find all the items on my list with absolute delusional Ikea ease.  Riiight.  Simon's mistake?  Agreeing to my convoluted plan!  Going close to close works if you've got two to three items on your list... It does not work if you've got over half a dozen!

The bad news?  Simon and Elle II may reconsider ever offering me a lift to Ikea again ;D  That and Ikea Vaughan was out of BABORD, the affordable ($6.49!) made of untreated but renewable material (wood!) and holds 8 shoes... was completely sold out :(

The good news?  While I didn't get the shoe racks, I got everything else on my list... Including 4 cork boards!  Yes 4, and yes, Simon did look at me like I was insane when I said and grabbed 4.  BUT I've got a less convoluted plan for the cork boards, and when I'm done I'll be sure to showcase 'em here ;)   Best of all... Came in on budget!  Woohoo!  A feat in itself considering it's ever ridiculously tempting Ikea, right?  Well, I think so :)

Inspired by Lindsay's "Today I decided to wear my organic cotton t-shirt that states: Hug the Earth. It's my gentle way to remind people that I love the earth, and they should too!"  Today's eco-do me: Speading some special eco-love and awareness with these awesome eco-cool tidbits:

1.  DesignerJots found out from friend Joanne that a certain talented gorgeous down-to-earth Canadian actress was sporting a seriously ecoFabulous paper accessory in New York the other day.  Can you guess who?  

Check out DesignerJots' recent post here to find out ;)  Possible hint, according to Joanne, not only is she just super ecoStylish and talented, she's genuinely trying to make a difference with two of her girlfriends.  Check out one of my fave new bookmarks, and the actress' ecoProject:

2.  Another new bookmarked fave?  The exciting part?  ecoki's Editorial Director Laurie recently contacted Mark to do a review of Ecojot's apparently "gorgeous stationary!"  How super eco-cool is that?  Check ecoki out.  To say they're ecoGreat is an understatement.  

In fact, their recent article "Beware of greenwashing and false claims" is a must-read for any eco-savvy consumer.  Proudly I'm pretty certain after reading the article that Ecojot is among those 2% products that are genuinely greenwashing sin-free!  Now that's something to smile about, especially if you're a proud owner of an Ecojot notebook, or in my case notebookS like me ;)

So while, I don't have a Hug the Earth t-shirt, I do believe it might just get warm enough to wear one of the spring/summer Preloved dresses I bought at the their recent Sample Sale!!! 

Happy Friday and Bon Weekend!  While I don't typically blog on weekends, I'll do my best to squeeze in two bonus days of chances to comment more and increase winning odds ;)



Whatcha doing today to "Hug the Earth?"  Comment below to increase your odds of winning a special Ecojot Earth Day prize pack valued at over $50!  Need more details.  See original post here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Giveaway: Earth Day Countdown T-minus 6 days!

IKEA versus Canadian Tire
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All right, so Tuesday's entries jumped to 27 yesterday... Which I've decided is all good since, the rolling giveaway is a bit confusing, especially to those new to my blog ;) Plus all in all, I'm just thrilled to be reading all your eco-deeds.

As for the six of you who posted yesterday... KJB, for the love of pictures, the life of a teenage scrapbooker, rhaya, Kathleen and chriscaron... You six are eco-fabulous! Thank you for taking this daily eco-journey with me, reading my random daily eco-thoughts and non-eco thoughts... It totally makes my day to read each of your comments!

I must say, it's amazing how two very similar choices can be from one non-green extreme to another one very green extreme. I love reading the eco-deeds where we go against habit and take transit, or remember to use a canvas bag. Those simple acts really make a difference... And in time become eco-habits ;)

My Thursday eco-deed: Making a list and checking it twice! That's right. Having just moved in to a new abode, I'm missing some important elements... Like a shoe rack, a wine rack and my roomie and I have decided we could really use one of those wine glass racks that allow you to hang the glasses upside down above our sink. Yes, racks... Of all varieties and size. You guessed it, not only do I heart shoes and wine, but I'm off to Ikea this evening... Hence the flickr pic above, that I adore since it's so bright and happy!

Why a list? 'Cause we all know how it goes, be it Ikea or a grocery store... Temptations are bountiful. Not only do shopping lists keep you on track, on budget, and avoid unnecessary purchases, less consumerism as I like to put it is green and saves the green!

All right... You're turn... Watcha doing big or small that shows Mama Earth your love? Please do tell, and improve your odds at winning in $50 worth of beautifully designed 100% ecojot paper goods in the process!

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April Giveaway: Earth Day Countdown T-minus 7 days

Local Laundry
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22 comments yesterday = 22 Giveaway entries = 22 eco-deeds ... May I please just say how much you 22 inspire me? Thank you.

So... you know those mornings where you wake up, look in your closet and swear you have nothing to wear? Yeah, you know the mornings ;) Two years ago that would without a doubt be a lie, because two years ago I had the typical twenty-something female wardrobe... LOTS of clothes! But today, I really only had one option left...

What happened to all my clothes you ask? Well nearly two years ago (yikes is that ever a reminder that time flies by WAY TOO FAST!), I decided to move to France and take on a Mary Poppins-esque gig of sorts... I became a "jeune fille au pair." That meant packing up my apartment belongings, distributing the largeer items amongst my dear friends to hold on to and make use of whilst I was away, having a BIG yard sale, and then storing all the rest.

Well guess what? While it's creeping up to month nine since I've flown back from over the pond... It's only now that I've recently moved in to a bigger (better, ie. cheaper) abode, that I'm beginning to feel like I'm settling back in to my beloved Toronto : ) I must admit just maybe, it has a little something to do with my finally not hopping on a plane, train or bus in the last three months since I've been back 0;) But I digress...

So back to the clothes... ;D I have nothing to wear because I truly have nothing clean to wear 0;) I haven't done laundry since I've moved 1.5 weeks ago. I haven't reclaimed my "typical twenty-something female wardrobe" from the basement of gracious, fabulously kind friend Dana. And basically I'm still living out of two suitcases of clothes (which sounds like a lot until one remembers four seasons in two suitcases) Therefore unless I want to wear something too warm, too cool or unclean (eeew!) for the season... I gotta do laundry asap! Lol :D

Why am I telling y'all this? Because TODAY, my eco-deed will be to do laundry, in cold water (as I always do) but today since it's bright and sunny out I'm going to air dry my clothes! That's right, just like the pic above... All right, not quite just like the pic above. It's still cold out plus my new place isn't quite designed for that. But you get the idea ;)

What are you going to do today to love Mother Earth? Share below, and as per my April Giveaway yesterday post explains... Remember every daily entry equals a greater chance of winning a special Earth Day Ecojot prize pack (valued at over $50!) between now and April 22nd (Earth Day!)

Happy Wednesday!


PS-- While I'm going to do a load of laundry today, I will surely be daydreaming of finally reconnecting with my beloved clothes. Who knows maybe this weekend! I figure it'll be like Christmas morning and being given a whole new vintage wardrobe of me-past! Old clothes made new again simply by being stored away! Oooooh how I can't wait!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Earth Day Countdown equals April Giveaway

Originally uploaded by hypocritic
That's right, in celebration of Earth Day this month, I'm doing a rolling giveaway until April 22nd. What's a rolling giveaway, you ask? Well, I've decided it means the following...

For your chance to win a special Earth Day prize pack (at a value of more than $50), here's what you need to know and do:

Everyday (minus weekends) I'm going to commit to posting on a regular basis again. That's right, no more slacking on my part... Promise! 0:) In each post, I will mention one thing I will or have already done that day to LOVE MOTHER EARTH! For your chance to win you must simply do the same.

You don't have to post a comment every day, but each day you do comment (on what you've done to do your part to love our planet) equals one additional entry. Thereby improving your chance to win by one more each time! How about that? ;D That means if you comment every weekday between now and Earth Day, you have up 7 opportunities to improve your chances to win!

For, as well all know, while we celebrate Earth Day only once a year... We should be loving our dear Mother Earth every single day. So be it big or small, let's be proud of the green acts we do and share 'em, we just may pick up a few good green habits from one another in the process ;)
All right... Here it goes, let the April Giveaway and Earth Day Countdown begin!
Today, I will walk everywhere: to work, to my appointments, to the store, everywhere. I'd like to say I'd bike but my bike's out of commission, and while transit is still eco-loving, I know I can use the exercise ;) It's a simple act, but green deeds don't always have to be complicated or hard, right?

What are you going to commit today big or small? Please share in the comments below, and gain a chance to win some eco-love from Ecojotter in the process ;)

Till tomorrow for your next chance to improve your winning odds... Looking forward to reading your daily eco-acts.


PS - April Giveaway Guidelines. Please...

1. Be a resident of Canada or the US. Sorry, am unable to ship internationally... But your thoughts are still more than welcome and encouraged wherever you may be jotting from :)

2. Only one entry per day per person. Multiple comments by the same person on the same day still only equals one entry for that day.

3. No retro-commenting, ie., commenting on old posts the day after.

4. Remember to include a way to contact you, ie, email address, website address, and/or link to your blogger profile. Otherwise, anonymous entries will remain anonymous :D

5. Enjoy! Best of luck! And thank you for participating.

Monday, April 13, 2009

"Because we're all connected."

Happy Easter!

Am happily blogging from Ecojot headquarters this afternoon. Spent the earlier part of the day meeting up with Ecojot Prez Mark Gavin to brainstorm exciting new ideas, including more interactive and engaging giveaways... So be sure to stay tuned.... Especially in the month of May! We've got some really eco-cool stuff in store for you :)

Meanwhile no need to be Giveaway-less until then... I still have an April Giveaway to do!!! I haven't quite yet decided the entry details, but think I'm thinking EARTH, LOVE and how YOU do your part. So be sure to check in tomorrow for what it's going to be all about ;)

And with that said... Both because I haven't posted a video in a while, and also simply because I HEART WWF, check this out:

Happy Monday! And till tomorrow's April Giveaway announcement, here's to being all connected ;)


Thursday, April 9, 2009

so much to do 'n blog about, so little time...

You know the feeling: 24 hours in a day, and it still doesn't feel like enough... Especially if you want to be functional the next day and therefore get a few decent hours of sleep while still getting everything done. Yup, I know you know the feeling. And well this week has been just that. Hence, the three day absence 0:)

So rather than spend the first three paragraphs justifying my absence, how about some exciting news on what I've been up to instead? ;)

>> I moved! This past weekend to be exact. And may I just say, I am absolutely adoring my new place. Am just almost, emphasis on 'almost' completely unpacked and settled in. More affordable, tons more sunlight and a lot more spacious, makes my new Toronto apartment truly delightful. Not to mention, my new flat mate B is super sweet. Yup, gotta love Craigslist!

>> I joined twentysomethingbloggers, an awesome network of fellow bloggers, all twentysomething like me, all blogging about all sorts of stuff! Reading awesome new blogs and making new friends in the process... Yay!

>> Brainstorming what my April Giveaway's going to be. With Earth Day on the 22nd, am thinking something, well, umm Earth Day related :D Whatcha think?

>> I'm going to Chicago at the end of the month for a conference, and want to arrange an Ecojot Meetup in the the beautiful windy city. Call Chicago home? Know a great café we could meetup at? I desperately want to get my traveling sketchbook idea back on track and on the move. Let me know if you're up for meeting up ;)

That's it for now, folks... Will post my April Giveaway soon. Meanwhile Happy Thursday!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Ecojot at your U

That's right Ecojot's in Uni! From McGill to UofT to Waterloo as shown above, Ecojot is proud to not only be available for purchase at universities and colleges across Canada and the US, but supporting student events through out the year.

Above are snapshots from just a handful of events we support such as the McGill Science Undergraduate Society's GreenWeek, University of Toronto Newman Centre's KaraokQ Night and University of Waterloo's Artworx/Techworx Awards.

Have a special event happening at your university looking for eco-fabulous raffle prizes? As you can imagine we are particularly enthusiastic about supporting green events such as McGill's Green Week. Let me know. I love ecoCollaborations!

Can't find Ecojot stationery supplies at your school, but wishing you could? Ask your bookstore to stock Ecojot! Let us know and we'll send them a catalogue ;)

Well that's it for now... Bon weekend, and remember to watch out for my upcoming April Giveaway annoucement next week!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

And the March Giveaway Winner is...

Congratulations newlyb, your my March Giveaway winner!  

I must admit, Carolyn and I enjoyed reading all 26 entries yesterday afternoon.  You are all such clever writers!  In fact, I think I may create little poem/limerick/haiku graphics (like up above) from time to sprinkle my blog with your happy Ecojot thoughts!  Thank you all again for participating.  

And remember, it's Giveaways Galore at Ecojot....  Be sure to start with a visit to DesignerJots for her Spring Giveaway if you haven't yet already ;)


PS - What do you think of my new banner up above?  Thoughtfully custom-designed by none other than über-talented DesignerJots Carolyn Gavin!  Thanks again, Carolyn :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April showers brings May flowers... And more GIVEAWAYS!

If you're in Toronto this Wednesday April 1st, 2009 you can understand today's title reference... It's pouring out!  You know one of those days, when you just want to stay curled up in a warm blanket with a cuppa tea on the couch, not necessarily 'cause it's cold inside, but because the very sight of the heavy raindrops outside makes you cold?  Yeeeah, one of those days.

So on this rainy April 1st (or hopefully sunny one in your city)... Happy April showers brings May flowers Day!  It's simply a sign of spring :)

Speaking of spring, I've been absent since the first day of it.  Completely M.I.A without a word or a trace... It would seem anyway.  My apologies.  I've missed you!

In reality, I haven't disappeared just been as my Facebook/Twitter status reflected this morning "still [busily] perfecting the new ecojot site with the dedicated ecojot team."

In fact, I'm off to I'm meet with ûber-talented Carolyn DesignerJots Gavin all afternoon to finish up redesigning for you! That's right, the Ecojot team is dedicated to having a new website that you absolutely adore ;)  Ergo, please keep visiting as even the new design as we perfect it before your very eyes ^.^

What else is happening? Giveaways! Lots and lots of Giveaways coming and going! decor8 will still be hosting one in the coming weeks, so keep posted and patient -- it is after all a virtue they say ;)    And as my March one ends DesignerJots' begins...  She is hosting a Spring Giveaway here. Simply leave a comment on DesignerJots' blog about Spring, the Earth, the environment... Winner will be announce this Friday! So quick, you've got two days! Bonne chance!

As for Ecojotter, well, I will have DesignerJots help me pick my March Giveaway winner this afternoon and post tomorrow! So stay tuned!


PS-- Here's hoping you voted YES to Earth Hour this past weekend.  Have a memorable Earth Hour memory?  Please share it in the comments below!


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