Monday, March 9, 2009

March Giveaway: Spring Spring Spring!

Sounds of little birds singing sweet songs.
Pretty flower buds just beginning to bloom.
Raindrops in the afternoon.
Images of summer picnics 'n barbecues to come.
No more need for mitts, scarves and toques.
Green green grass and leaves very very soon!

Spring!  It's just around the corner.  At least that's what most of us are hoping ;)

As suggested by Karen C., this month's chance to win requests a bit of poetry from you!  Simply take the word spring or ecojot and incorporate it into a poem, limerick or haiku.  You can spell out spring or ecojot or simply be sure to include it in a verse or two...

Ecojot colours, patterns galore.
Needless to say, I simply adore.
Not to mention Ecojot is Ecotrue.
What can I say?
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Giveaway to run till the end of March.  Winner to be announced first week of April and will receive a spring mix of new designs including the birds aqua above (1 jumbo journal, 1-5x7" journal and 1-3x4" notebook).  

Looking forward to reading your entries in the comment section below!


PS - I won't be blogging as much this week as I am busily working on the new Ecojot website to be launched very very soon ;)  Have a fabulous week!


Anonymous said...

The Ecojot spring line is fine
I use my notebook all the time
The paper's reused
Maybe from yesterday's news
And that's the end of my rhyme!
Karen C. :)

Anonymous said...

Springtime is near
Pleasant surprises prove it to be true
Relishing in glimpses of sunshine and ducks
Imagining March mud will lead to May blooms
No room for pessismism
Great schemes of green, pink, and yellow will lead to ecojot-ism in meadows

Iknow it doesn't really rhyme, but consider it to be a contemporary poem... Kathleen

Nicole said...

Ecojot's full of great style
It sits at the top of the pile
With flowers and birdies,
I record all my wordies,
And put them inside a chic file.

Wow, I rock at this limerick stuff!
nlsnow at gmail dot com

Tanis said...

How fun :)
LOVE these SWEET birdies!

Here's my haiku (had to look up the form to refresh my memory of grade 7 english...)

Ecojot beauty
Just like spring time rain in May
Clean and refreshing.

Thanks for the giveaway!! Good luck everyone :)

Eleri said...

Th rain drops fall down
and new flowers bloom. Hooray!
Celebrating spring!

Yay for giveaways!

newlyb said...

I love to write in my Ecojot,
Especially when the weather starts to get hot.
I can scribble all day,
It's my favourite way to play.
Go out without it — I will not!

I even blogged about these wonderful books one day:

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

i love my ecojot book,
i write in it in my bedroom nook,
i don't know what i would do with out it
because i write what i will pack in my next scrapbook kit!
That's the best i can do lol!
but i love your books, thanks for the giveway!!

Christine Lee Smith Photography said...

Spring has not yet sprung
Nay, Its colors are still glum
Oh, Spring, come to me!

Anonymous said...

The winter's been weary
the days have been cold,
but just on the horizon
is something bright and bold.
The fresh crisp air of spring,
is already on its way
and with my Ecojot agenda,
I'll be counting down the days!

nej26 said...

Spring is coming soon
and the Ecojot notebook reflects these colors
Can't wait to get mine soon
As this will be mine forever

Snickerzmom said...

There once was a bird who would sing,
"Spring!" He would sing,
"Spring! Spring! Spring!"
He posed for a spot,
On a great Ecojot,
And there he would sing all the day!

This isn't posting correctly (it is adding a line break where I don't want one), but it will do!


Colleen C.

Eve Tai said...

Ecojot is ecocouture
For chic writers who love it for sure
As we wait for spring
To let our words sing!

elizzz said...

Breathe in the sweet spring;
it awakens the soul's song
like nothing else can.

I love spring! I can't wait for it to come in full force!

Anonymous said...

Ecojot hits the spot.

Little birds better than words.

Post consumed the new eco-boom.

bangers said...

Roses are red,
Tulips can be blue,
Spring is just around the corner,
'Bout time too!

Wendy said...

Ecojots creates
joyful journals to store thoughts
of blooming spring days.

Anonymous said...

i <3 giveaways :)

(best read when to the tune of the first 2 & the last 2 lines of the star spangled banner!)

oh spring, can you see
why the birds chirp in flight?
the trees, so proudly they stand
as the sun rays are beaming

oh! say, do those tulips o'er there yet blossom
for the land will be green
and ecojot will r'main awesome


Ali Kira said...

Spring into a new green season
without littering the ground
with unfriendly papers and books
instead enjoy the fact that
Ecojot's around

And write in the bright spring sun!

Marci said...

Sunny mornings and windy afternoons
Pretty crocus and tulip blooms
Rainy days and dew kissed lawns
I love spring for it has sprung
Nesting blue birds chirp away
Gone is winter, Spring's new day!

knittingwoman said...

I have a stack of the old fashioned workbook type ones waiting to be used as journals. Here's my entry for the giveaway:

spring is here today
empty ecojot notebooks
words will fill them soon.

Larraine said...

No matter what
You Ecojot
You'll love
What you find
In the Ecojot Line
Whether you spring
for some color
Or just go neutral
Remember this verse:
Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice
It's all in an Ecojot day

audreyssyp said...

I write in my Ecojot notebook every season
I usually don't have a reason
But I have to put my emo thoughts somewhere
Because these embarrassing notions I don't want to share
Unless it's in a cute notebook with recycled paper
Because those make my sad thoughts taper!

MelissaP said...

I heart ecojot all the day long
Makes me so happy
I break out in song
The notebooks are pretty
the journals divine
I long for the day when they can be mine!


Kath said...

Hello Spring! I hear everyone say,
You must be such a welcome
For all who've gone through cold winter's day,
Hey Spring! I wonder if you'll come
And charm us from our year-long summer days,
Until then, my ecojot book will be my spring come,
Filled with jots, dots and thoughts of blooming spring days.

Kristi said...

There's nothing I love
More than fresh paper and pen
Ecojot be mine

Anonymous said...

ecojot notebooks
brightly coloured for springtime
makes my heart joyful

jennifer57 said...

Spring, Spring...
Spring on the Spring weather.

Jose said...

Spring spring spring...
The most beautiful season.. spring..


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