Thursday, March 5, 2009

ecoStylish composting plus giveaways galore

First and foremost thanks Karen C for the suggestion on what 'n how to win this month... I like the idea of a limerick or poem and promise to reveal my March Giveaway early next week :) Plus I'm sure DesignerJots will be announcing hers soon too!

Meanwhile, with Giveaway on the brain, although I suspect many readers already follow her blog... Just in case... decor8blog is hosting a Giveaway this month sponsored by PrintPatternPattern. Check it out here.

So it seems DesignerJots and I were serendipitously in sync yesterday both blogging about little birds, hence the images I feature today by Carolyn. I couldn't resist. I miss Ziggy! It was such fun Ziggy-sitting him a few months ago. I look forward to warmer weather when I can visit and we can go off for a nice stroll... He is after all always the perfect gentleman ;)

Before I go one final eco-related note... Composting is apparently not very stylish until now. Although still a concept product, and if you live in Toronto like me completely unnecessary since we have the ecoAwesome green bin program, however, check out: "Eco Tech: Stylish Terraviva Domestic Composter for Indoor Composting."

Featured by Ecofriend and YankoDesign, apparently "with the help of aerobic microorganisms, it can convert 12 liters of your kitchen waste into compost at a time that will be good enough to help your garden plants grow healthier."

What do you think? Is this ecoFancy design necessary to compost? Share your thoughts please... I heart comments!


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