Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy First Day of Spring! Happy New!

So just in case you aren't on the Ecojot mailing list... Here's the announcement to be sent out shortly: 
Happy First Day of Spring!
Happy New!
Please visit our newly redesigned website, where you can send fun ecojot ecards such as this to all your friends. Plus will be hosting a special Giveaway to celebrate new soon ;)
xo, ecojotter 
That's right Ecojot has teamed up with one of my favourite blogs, decor8!  Visit Holly Becker's site for a chance to win an Ecojot prize pack worth $50 ;)  And of course don't forget about my March Giveaway running till the end of the month!

Looking forward to hearing what you think of Ecojot's new site.  Plus if you're interested in joining the mailing list you can at the site.  Please just remember that the site is newly live.  Therefore we're still testing, so please take her for a spin but excuse any hiccups she may have, and most importantly tell me what you think!


PS - A special thanks and shout out to Percy Hui, a.k.a. midnightglory who kindly gave Ecojot permission to use his fabulous shot of his ecojot journal.


Anonymous said...

The website looks amazing! Great work!

percy said...

Great stuff with the new site! Glad I could do something to contribute. Looks like you put a lot of work and effort into it, looks great.

carolyn Gavin said...

You should update this... the Decor8 contest is on hold for now.


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