Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Birds + An Important 6 Minutes

It's Wednesday morning and I'm running late... In addition to bloggin' and spreadin' the word on Ecojot, I've got a day job, so I gotta keep this short...

Therefore on this 4th of March, hump day, an original song by alleycat82 (a.k.a. Jess) titled Little Birds.

The song is apropos -->have you noticed I'm quite fond of this word? ;) to me because of the title. I have been working with DesignerJots to design special desktop wallpapers to be available for download in the new Ecojot website and Carolyn happened to send me a sample with lots and lots of little birds!  

Finally, I owe y'all a March Giveaway but I am still brainstorming a question or challenge. I have some ideas, ones that even include video and/or sketching but I'm thinking perhaps to save those for later.... Any ideas? How'd you like to win? In fact what Ecojot item(s) would you like to win this month? Let me know down below.

Happy Hump Day!


PS - I came across this awesome video just before shutting my laptop off titled "The Girl who SILENCED THE WORLD at the UN for 6 MINUTES" on Facebook. Thanks for sharing Geoff :) An incredible well-presented 6 minutes. Please watch:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would like to win some eco-notes or calendar...actually I Love it all so it's hard to choose. :) Maybe a contest to write a limerick or poem about spring, St.Padddy's day , or eco-jot....

Karen C.


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