Friday, March 6, 2009

Flickr Finds Friday

Flickr Finds! A few months back I was so pleasantly surprised to find fellow Ecojot finds posting photographs of their beloved Ecojot journals! Each Friday I will highlight these photographs. Hopefully, I'll always find some to feature (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). Spring is in the air and there's more beautiful natural light perfect for photographing ;)

PLUS, you never know, about your photos... In fact, one of the photos inspired and will have a prominent place in the new Ecojot website I'm art directing. I'm aiming for a first day of spring launch date, so mark your calendars! Thank you to a Hazelnut tree, midnightglory, and pixellated spiff for their great Ecojot shots. Click on their names to check out their other great works! Please keep shooting ;)

That's it for now folks. Must run to a meeting. March Giveaway to be annouced next week! Meanwhile... Bon Weekend!


PS - If you do have an Ecojot pic on Flickr, be sure to tag it with "Ecojot..." Makes it easier for me to find ;)

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