Monday, March 2, 2009

From Tanzania to Calgary: Keeping warm by taking part.

Wow, is it really March 2nd? -9C, but feels like -26C with wind chill... At least last night in Toronto!? Eek! Needless to say I am not looking forward to going out side today. So I shall turn to warm happy thoughts in warm happy climates... Moshi, Tanzania to be exact. Moshi is where the TunaHAKI Canada Foundation is based. Swahili for "We have a right," TunaHAKI is a phrase the street children of Moshi came up with themselves as they persue a better life.

The foundation is a Canadian partner to the TunaHAKI Centre for Child Development, a "unique art-based shelter for orphans and vulnerable children in the region of Kilimanjaro." Therefore, when Ecojot was approached to support the art-based hub, the answer seemed instant and clear...

Ecojot was delighted to donate ecoSketchbooks to the TunaHAKI Kids through couple Rob and Leora (founders of the Canadian partner). Read their story and learn more about TunaHAKI here. Leora kindly sent us the photos above, and emailed us about how their most recent visit went...
"I just wanted to tell you how thrilled the children at the Tunahaki Centre for Child Development were to receive [the sketchbooks]. We spent six days with them, and continue to be amazed by the strength, talent, and sheer joy of these kids. Children in Tanzania have few possessions to call their own. They will cherish the books, which we gave them as a surprise parting gift when we were leaving."
Being that the Ecojot family, The Gavins, are originally from South Africa, this cause is particularly close to their heart. However, Ecojot also proudly supports great causes in Canada, not just green ones like McGill's upcoming Green Week 2009, but recently Strike Out MS in Calgary. Lindsay Gordon, one of the co-organizers also sent us photos and a little note...
"Thank you again for supporting Strike Out MS (Multiple sclerosis). This year we raised $20,580 to support the MS Society-Calgary Chapter, thanks in part to your donation. The ecojot products were a hit and I think they went to a good home, even though it wasn't mine! :)"

Do you have a special cause close to your heart?  While, I can't guarantee Ecojot can support it directly... Please do tell me what it is! As I mentioned in last Friday's post... With Earth Day two months away, I happen to know Ecojot is eager to collaborate!

Here's to keeping warm by taking part!  And a special kudos to organizers with big hearts like Rob, Leora, Lindsay, Elizabeth (her co-organizer) and The Undergraduate Society of McGill University... Keep up the great work!


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Footsteps NZ-TZ said...

It is really good to see people supporting kids in Tanzania. I extended my contrat from two years to seven and it was really the kids I did that for


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