Friday, February 27, 2009

Earth Hour, Earth Day, Green Week 'n Globe Style

The Buy: Ecojot Notebooks, according to the Globe and Mail.

What a way to end the week and start the weekend... Finding out Ecojot was featured in the Style section of the Globe and Mail! Please check out the article, recommend, and share. Here's to being reminded of the simple joys of scribbling out a quick note or doodling designs ;)

So I blogged about Earth Hour yesterday, and today I will be chatting with Mark Gavin of Ecojot about Earth Day. Ecojot is excitedly supporting a 105.1 The River Earth Day Event in Niagara Falls. So if you're by the Falls on April 22nd be sure to listen in for your chance to win Ecojot prizes!
Plus in a little over a week, The Science Undergraduate Society of McGill University will be hosting GreenWeek 2009, and Ecojot is excitedly supporting this awesome initiative too: "designed to promote environmentally friendly lifestyle choices." They're even doing a fashion show called ECOuture!

And although I think everyday should be treated as Earth Day... It is a great day to come together and celebrate our planet and strengthen awareness in our need to protect and nurture it. What do you think? As I brainstorm with Ecojot on ideas to make a difference and spread ecoAwareness on April 22nd 2009, it would be wonderful to hear from you!

Are you part of a green club at school or work? Do you have a green related cause you're promoting? Perhaps somehow we can collaborate... Clearly I've got a bit of clout with Ecojot ;) Comment below or email me (ecojotter at gmail dot com)... Let's work together and make a difference, even if it's one ecoScribble, ecoDoodle, ecoIdea at a time...

Bon weekend! Looking forward to hearing from YOU!



Wiggy said...

Thanks ecojotter for posting about our event! McGill GreenWeek 2009 is really glad to have ecojot supporting us. We'll definitely send pictures from the week for your viewing pleasure.

ecojotter said...

Fabulous! Thanks, Wiggy.


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