Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy First Day of Spring! Happy New!

So just in case you aren't on the Ecojot mailing list... Here's the announcement to be sent out shortly: 
Happy First Day of Spring!
Happy New!
Please visit our newly redesigned website, where you can send fun ecojot ecards such as this to all your friends. Plus will be hosting a special Giveaway to celebrate new soon ;)
xo, ecojotter 
That's right Ecojot has teamed up with one of my favourite blogs, decor8!  Visit Holly Becker's site for a chance to win an Ecojot prize pack worth $50 ;)  And of course don't forget about my March Giveaway running till the end of the month!

Looking forward to hearing what you think of Ecojot's new site.  Plus if you're interested in joining the mailing list you can at the site.  Please just remember that the site is newly live.  Therefore we're still testing, so please take her for a spin but excuse any hiccups she may have, and most importantly tell me what you think!


PS - A special thanks and shout out to Percy Hui, a.k.a. midnightglory who kindly gave Ecojot permission to use his fabulous shot of his ecojot journal.

Monday, March 16, 2009

spring to sprung soon!

i can't wait to say spring has sprung... which, i am hoping is officially and literally this friday.

plus, it's not just spring to look forward to... the new ecojot website will be launched on the first day of spring, this friday, march 20!  and i guarantee exciting ecoSurprises :)

meanwhile, to get the excitement started, if you haven't yet already, please check out my march giveaway!

remember all you have to do is "take the word spring or ecojot and incorporate it into a poem, limerick or haiku. You can spell out spring or ecojot or simply be sure to include it in a verse or two..."

it doesn't have to rhyme, but it is helpful if you include contact info or visit my blog frequently enough in case you win ;)

"Giveaway to run till the end of March. Winner to be announced first week of April and will receive a spring mix of new designs including the birds aqua above (1 jumbo journal, 1-5x7" journal and 1-3x4" notebook)."

loving all the entries thus far,

Monday, March 9, 2009

March Giveaway: Spring Spring Spring!

Sounds of little birds singing sweet songs.
Pretty flower buds just beginning to bloom.
Raindrops in the afternoon.
Images of summer picnics 'n barbecues to come.
No more need for mitts, scarves and toques.
Green green grass and leaves very very soon!

Spring!  It's just around the corner.  At least that's what most of us are hoping ;)

As suggested by Karen C., this month's chance to win requests a bit of poetry from you!  Simply take the word spring or ecojot and incorporate it into a poem, limerick or haiku.  You can spell out spring or ecojot or simply be sure to include it in a verse or two...

Ecojot colours, patterns galore.
Needless to say, I simply adore.
Not to mention Ecojot is Ecotrue.
What can I say?
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Giveaway to run till the end of March.  Winner to be announced first week of April and will receive a spring mix of new designs including the birds aqua above (1 jumbo journal, 1-5x7" journal and 1-3x4" notebook).  

Looking forward to reading your entries in the comment section below!


PS - I won't be blogging as much this week as I am busily working on the new Ecojot website to be launched very very soon ;)  Have a fabulous week!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Flickr Finds Friday

Flickr Finds! A few months back I was so pleasantly surprised to find fellow Ecojot finds posting photographs of their beloved Ecojot journals! Each Friday I will highlight these photographs. Hopefully, I'll always find some to feature (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). Spring is in the air and there's more beautiful natural light perfect for photographing ;)

PLUS, you never know, about your photos... In fact, one of the photos inspired and will have a prominent place in the new Ecojot website I'm art directing. I'm aiming for a first day of spring launch date, so mark your calendars! Thank you to a Hazelnut tree, midnightglory, and pixellated spiff for their great Ecojot shots. Click on their names to check out their other great works! Please keep shooting ;)

That's it for now folks. Must run to a meeting. March Giveaway to be annouced next week! Meanwhile... Bon Weekend!


PS - If you do have an Ecojot pic on Flickr, be sure to tag it with "Ecojot..." Makes it easier for me to find ;)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

ecoStylish composting plus giveaways galore

First and foremost thanks Karen C for the suggestion on what 'n how to win this month... I like the idea of a limerick or poem and promise to reveal my March Giveaway early next week :) Plus I'm sure DesignerJots will be announcing hers soon too!

Meanwhile, with Giveaway on the brain, although I suspect many readers already follow her blog... Just in case... decor8blog is hosting a Giveaway this month sponsored by PrintPatternPattern. Check it out here.

So it seems DesignerJots and I were serendipitously in sync yesterday both blogging about little birds, hence the images I feature today by Carolyn. I couldn't resist. I miss Ziggy! It was such fun Ziggy-sitting him a few months ago. I look forward to warmer weather when I can visit and we can go off for a nice stroll... He is after all always the perfect gentleman ;)

Before I go one final eco-related note... Composting is apparently not very stylish until now. Although still a concept product, and if you live in Toronto like me completely unnecessary since we have the ecoAwesome green bin program, however, check out: "Eco Tech: Stylish Terraviva Domestic Composter for Indoor Composting."

Featured by Ecofriend and YankoDesign, apparently "with the help of aerobic microorganisms, it can convert 12 liters of your kitchen waste into compost at a time that will be good enough to help your garden plants grow healthier."

What do you think? Is this ecoFancy design necessary to compost? Share your thoughts please... I heart comments!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Birds + An Important 6 Minutes

It's Wednesday morning and I'm running late... In addition to bloggin' and spreadin' the word on Ecojot, I've got a day job, so I gotta keep this short...

Therefore on this 4th of March, hump day, an original song by alleycat82 (a.k.a. Jess) titled Little Birds.

The song is apropos -->have you noticed I'm quite fond of this word? ;) to me because of the title. I have been working with DesignerJots to design special desktop wallpapers to be available for download in the new Ecojot website and Carolyn happened to send me a sample with lots and lots of little birds!  

Finally, I owe y'all a March Giveaway but I am still brainstorming a question or challenge. I have some ideas, ones that even include video and/or sketching but I'm thinking perhaps to save those for later.... Any ideas? How'd you like to win? In fact what Ecojot item(s) would you like to win this month? Let me know down below.

Happy Hump Day!


PS - I came across this awesome video just before shutting my laptop off titled "The Girl who SILENCED THE WORLD at the UN for 6 MINUTES" on Facebook. Thanks for sharing Geoff :) An incredible well-presented 6 minutes. Please watch:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I woke up this morning wanting to hit snooze over and over again... I think I managed to only hit it 2 or 3 times this morning which is a feat for me ;)

Then I got to thinking... What am I going to post about today?? I visited YouTube for some inspiration, where I found myself checking out HappySlip's most recent video "Check Me, Check Me." It was via Happyslip's channel I came across a video she favourited, titled "The One Where He Gives It a Shot (STA WTI)," which then led me to "STA Travel: World Traveler Intern 2009" posted below of which Ninjadrops' video was a response to. Oh the wonderful world of procrastinating and backward navigating online!

With all this talk about saving the Earth, traveling the Earth to make a difference, it only seemed apropos to be sharing this opportunity to see the world this summer. There are apparently 5 days left to take part. Click here for more details. A special shout out to my lil taller sis who happens to vlog and could totally win this, as can you! There are two intern spots!

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit 10 countries in 3 continents in 12 months, not to mention their countless regions, cities and towns, therefore all I have to say is... TRAVEL!!!! Even with if it's within your own country to start, there's nothing like it... TRAVEL!!!! If I were still a student, I'd so be submitting an entry!

That's it for now...
xo, ej

Monday, March 2, 2009

From Tanzania to Calgary: Keeping warm by taking part.

Wow, is it really March 2nd? -9C, but feels like -26C with wind chill... At least last night in Toronto!? Eek! Needless to say I am not looking forward to going out side today. So I shall turn to warm happy thoughts in warm happy climates... Moshi, Tanzania to be exact. Moshi is where the TunaHAKI Canada Foundation is based. Swahili for "We have a right," TunaHAKI is a phrase the street children of Moshi came up with themselves as they persue a better life.

The foundation is a Canadian partner to the TunaHAKI Centre for Child Development, a "unique art-based shelter for orphans and vulnerable children in the region of Kilimanjaro." Therefore, when Ecojot was approached to support the art-based hub, the answer seemed instant and clear...

Ecojot was delighted to donate ecoSketchbooks to the TunaHAKI Kids through couple Rob and Leora (founders of the Canadian partner). Read their story and learn more about TunaHAKI here. Leora kindly sent us the photos above, and emailed us about how their most recent visit went...
"I just wanted to tell you how thrilled the children at the Tunahaki Centre for Child Development were to receive [the sketchbooks]. We spent six days with them, and continue to be amazed by the strength, talent, and sheer joy of these kids. Children in Tanzania have few possessions to call their own. They will cherish the books, which we gave them as a surprise parting gift when we were leaving."
Being that the Ecojot family, The Gavins, are originally from South Africa, this cause is particularly close to their heart. However, Ecojot also proudly supports great causes in Canada, not just green ones like McGill's upcoming Green Week 2009, but recently Strike Out MS in Calgary. Lindsay Gordon, one of the co-organizers also sent us photos and a little note...
"Thank you again for supporting Strike Out MS (Multiple sclerosis). This year we raised $20,580 to support the MS Society-Calgary Chapter, thanks in part to your donation. The ecojot products were a hit and I think they went to a good home, even though it wasn't mine! :)"

Do you have a special cause close to your heart?  While, I can't guarantee Ecojot can support it directly... Please do tell me what it is! As I mentioned in last Friday's post... With Earth Day two months away, I happen to know Ecojot is eager to collaborate!

Here's to keeping warm by taking part!  And a special kudos to organizers with big hearts like Rob, Leora, Lindsay, Elizabeth (her co-organizer) and The Undergraduate Society of McGill University... Keep up the great work!



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