Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I woke up this morning wanting to hit snooze over and over again... I think I managed to only hit it 2 or 3 times this morning which is a feat for me ;)

Then I got to thinking... What am I going to post about today?? I visited YouTube for some inspiration, where I found myself checking out HappySlip's most recent video "Check Me, Check Me." It was via Happyslip's channel I came across a video she favourited, titled "The One Where He Gives It a Shot (STA WTI)," which then led me to "STA Travel: World Traveler Intern 2009" posted below of which Ninjadrops' video was a response to. Oh the wonderful world of procrastinating and backward navigating online!

With all this talk about saving the Earth, traveling the Earth to make a difference, it only seemed apropos to be sharing this opportunity to see the world this summer. There are apparently 5 days left to take part. Click here for more details. A special shout out to my lil taller sis who happens to vlog and could totally win this, as can you! There are two intern spots!

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit 10 countries in 3 continents in 12 months, not to mention their countless regions, cities and towns, therefore all I have to say is... TRAVEL!!!! Even with if it's within your own country to start, there's nothing like it... TRAVEL!!!! If I were still a student, I'd so be submitting an entry!

That's it for now...
xo, ej

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