Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Giveaway: Earth Day Countdown T-minus 4 days...

hug a tree.
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Happiness is taking stock of where you've come from, pausing to enjoy where you are, and smiling at the possibilities that lay ahead.

Past, present and future... It's one growing thread.

On this Saturday afternoon, I sit, happy, smiling at this thread. Sometimes tangled, sometimes straight, other times, floating freely on a cool breeze. Yes, I should warn you, I'm in a bit of a philosophical mood ;)

While I certainly had no idea I'd be where I am today, sitting in a new abode (technically my fourth in the last nine months if you include my studio en France), blogging daily about my random (often scattered) thoughts on ECOeverything and anything, and embracing my inner tree-hugging-environmentalist so proudly, I can't help but be so very happy and feel so fortunate.

Every time I hold a monthly giveaway, particularly since announcing the special Earth Day rolling giveaway, I am filled with delight! For each time I get a little notification I've received a new comment/thought from you... I smile :)

Thank you for making me smile so very often. To hear the little and big ways you help make an ECOdifference, the moments you choose to embrace your inner tree-hugging-environmentalist... It reminds why I LOVE BEING ME, ECOJOTTER, as much as I do.

My ecoDEED today:

Reminding each of you how ECOawesome you are ;) So pat yourselves on the back! Plus going grocery shopping, weekend-errand-running, and strolling by foot (or bike if it's far) with my canvas bags all in hand.

Whatcha ECOdoing this beautiful Saturday? Comment below to increase your odds of winning a special Ecojot Earth Day prize pack valued at over $50! Need more details. See original post here.

Bon Samedi!



the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

yay! i'm the first comment!
today i am going to buy some computer paper, that is 100% recycalled.
Thanks for the giveaway!
Megan P

Anonymous said...

i'm going to be planning my super-busy-week with google calendar instead of on a paper agenda!

KJB said...

I am leaving the conference centre today, and rather than take the bag lunch with all the garbage, I opted to take an extra half hour and eat on site.

On my way home (no way but to drive), I'll keep my speed down. That, at least, will help Mother Earth.

Painted Tree Designs said...

I went to my local farmers market at the Wychwood Art Barns (9-noon saturday, bathurst/st.clair area) so I supported local growers by buying honey and sweet potatos. Also walked to and from the grocery store using my knapsack and cloth bag. ... a good day.

rhaya said...

Refilling my SIGG water bottle all day today as we are on the go from place to place.

Kathleen said...

Today I'm going to do my laundry and dry everything on racks rather than in the dryer...

Geralyn said...

Today I went to the grocery store with my canvas totes, so that I don't need to use plastic bags :)

Candied Fabrics said...

I sold a bunch of pretty market totes to other folks today - so they'll be bringing home their groceries in something beautiful & re-usable, rather than plastic! Blogged here

chriscaron said...

April 19th
Glorious sunshine reminds me how important it is to give thanks for this lovely planet called mother earth. Again no gas to cook or boil water. I am easily adjusting to the situation, which means no showers & cooking, thus less fossil fuels being used. I plan to visit High Park today, perhaps a hug a tree or two.

cpullum said...

today got my free eco bag at target then my free new energy light bulb at Home Depot then layed rocks down instead of grass!


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