Monday, April 13, 2009

"Because we're all connected."

Happy Easter!

Am happily blogging from Ecojot headquarters this afternoon. Spent the earlier part of the day meeting up with Ecojot Prez Mark Gavin to brainstorm exciting new ideas, including more interactive and engaging giveaways... So be sure to stay tuned.... Especially in the month of May! We've got some really eco-cool stuff in store for you :)

Meanwhile no need to be Giveaway-less until then... I still have an April Giveaway to do!!! I haven't quite yet decided the entry details, but think I'm thinking EARTH, LOVE and how YOU do your part. So be sure to check in tomorrow for what it's going to be all about ;)

And with that said... Both because I haven't posted a video in a while, and also simply because I HEART WWF, check this out:

Happy Monday! And till tomorrow's April Giveaway announcement, here's to being all connected ;)


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