Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pie for Life... Mmm, that's a LOT OF PIE!

So I love pie, and if you will recall, I loved the movie Waitress starring Keri Russell and a many many many pies!

So imagine my excitement when I heard via UrbanDaddy about a café in Texas called Royers Roundtop that offers a "Pie for Life" membership! I am just filled with random ecoCOOL and delicious info aren't I? Sadly I don't have the ~$10,000 entry fee for having a pie shipped to me once a month... However, I just couldn't help giggle with delight at the thought of being mailed a pie every month of my existence!

Apparently Royers has several different pie-a-month plans from 3, 6, 12 and of course your life. My friend Dave calls it a "Pie Annuity"... Except pie in lieu of cash! Browse their site like I did, but be forewarned, the images are mouth-watering!

I wonder if I could bake a pie month myself... Hmm, the thing is I'm more of a cook than a baker... That's why I left the baking of the three-colour-layered cupcakes to my sister ;)

However, it has gotten cooler here in Toronto, and I have definitely found myself very much in the mood to cook more. In fact, I brought some Hot Italian Sausage (and Veggies of course!) Spaghetti for my colleagues for lunch today =) I think next week, I will prepare a tuna casserole for them.

I love cooking for people... I just can't cook for myself, just not as satisfying! I think it's because I grew up in such a big family (5 kids!) and so there was no such thing as eating alone. In fact, my older brother, hates eating by himself. I don't mind, but I always cook big portions, and invite people over when I can, and freeze what I can save for another day ;)

Maybe I'll go to a farmers market this weekend and find some ingredients for a pie!

It's the last long weekend of the summer. I don't have any big plans. Do you have any?

Finally, you know how I love to host giveaways, and tell you about others... Especially Ecojot ones... Well Ecojot is sponsoring one on, click here for full details! Really simple to enter ;) Thanks to Shannon for hosting! Contest ends September 14, 2009, 8pm CST.


PS -- Appreciated all the comments here and on Facebook, re: my last post on Sigg water bottles. It was definitely much swig for thought!

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D'angelo said...

Oh...the imagination of people! That sounds like a delicious plan, about pie. :P
Oh no...last long weekend. I'm about to make a pencil holder that I can stick to my locker...I saw some metal ones at Staples but would rather save $3.50 and have some fun. :) Too bad recycled lined paper costs so much more. Can't hand in assignments from ripped ecojot pages and I wouldn't want to, either! Those notebooks are for personal use only right now...Hope you have a good weekend.


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