Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And my end-of-August / Back-to-School WINNER is...

according to RANDOM.org is #3...

And for the first time ever, it happens to be someone I know! Miss Agnes Bolinkska, who just so happens to be a PhD student at UofT studying the History of Science. Congratulations Agnes... And thank you for suggesting that we all (students and non-students alike)...

Great advice! In fact, all your Back-to-School tips were great!

I hope the ecoAgenda, ecoWorkbooks and ecoKids sketchbook come in handy to write all your notes about how science came to be ;) Agnes, please shoot me an email or Facebook message to claim your prize. And thanks again for all the entries... I'll be having a September Giveaway soon. In the meantime, for a chance to still win an Ecojot Back-to-School Giveaway, visit GreenEarthJourney.Blogspot.com, I attached the direct link. Green Earth Journey's giveaway is going on until tomorrow, so you still have time! If you haven't yet already ;) One of the entries is simply following me on Twitter ;D


PS - I've never used RANDOM.org until now, but I was not working from home or Ecojot's headquarters, and didn't really have scrap paper, so I wanted to save on paper and go electronic. More helpful when I have more entries, I suppose, but not as fun as pulling something from my straw hat. Have a lovely evening everyone!


D'angelo said...

Congrats agnes!
I have a question and I was wondering if you'd know-why is some recycled paper brown and some white? Well, my actual real question is, why is recycled paper brown? Just wondering if you'd know!
Honestly I really didn't want to win-I'd already won ecojot buttons and entered the ecojot contest. More than enough ecojot to go around here! Yay ecojot! :)I've been way to lucky-I also won a draw at my local library and I was glad to see that they gave me a recycled paper notebook and reusable bag.

ecojotter said...

actually not all recycled paper is brown... in fact, the paper we use for ecojot is very very white, and 100% recycled. it really depends on the process used to make the paper...

ecojot paper is from cascades (http://www.cascades.ca/). they have 45 years of recycling experience!

congrats on being so lucky lately, emily =) thanks for checking out my blog 'n commenting so regularly... love hearing your thoughts!


D'angelo said...

Your blog is written in a very engaging and fun way. :) Cool-I just wondered why bathroom tissue is never brown even if is recycled. ;) Ha.

Agnes Bolinska said...

Yay! I'm excited. Thanks!


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