Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Getting excited for TIFF, and a film premiering at UN Climate Week

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Just a quick Tuesday hello... I was reading the Globe this morning when I came across this fantastic photograph of the Snowbirds ("Canadian Forces 431 Air Demonstration Squadron) in Toronto.

Photo: Ryan Enn Hughes/The Globe and Mail

I'm still wondering how this was shot... Helicopter? One of the other Snowbirds? The latter seems unlikely considering how much attention the pilots need to pay when they're that close to each other as it is.

Keeping this short 'cause have you ever noticed how a short work week after a long weekend seems to pile up the to-dos? But before I sign off just a quick ecoFilm plug...

I was visiting Inhabitat.com this morning when I came across this film trailer for "The Age of Stupid." After watching the trailer, I quickly logged on to the TIFF website to see if it's screening here before it premieres in the US on Monday, September 21 in conjunction with US Climate Week. Unfortunately, it's not screening at TIFF, but I am hopeful it'll open here too.

I'm getting really excited about TIFF, and I'll be sure to share my thoughts on the films I get to see. I'm seeing at least six in all, the most I've ever seen at one festival! Should be tons of fun, and for those of you who are in Toronto, and didn't know there are many free events. All the TIFF Free Events are being held at Yonge and Dundas Square, including not just screenings but concerts as well! Full details and schedule here.


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