Monday, September 14, 2009

Same Same But Different = Splendid

Just got home not too long ago after a great start to tiff. I went to the North American premiere of "Same Same But Different" with my friends Mathew, Jamie, and Jamie's mum, Maria.

All three of them trusted me with the film choices. Mathew made a few recommendations, but I lined up at the box office twice. I must admit "Same Same But Different" just sounded appealing to me. I didn't really research the story. I like to be surprised from time to time, but surprised good, not surprised bad. Plus I wanted to take picking films a bit seriously for my friends, all of whom have never experienced the Toronto International Film Festival until tonight!

To my delight, and theirs... "Same Same But Different" was splendid. A beautiful cross-cultural star-crossed lovers set in Germany and Cambodia, but I don't think that description does it justice. All I can say is if you have the chance, see this film! David Kross (of The Reader) stars as Ben, and Apinya Sakuljaroensuk stars as Streykeo.... And both are amazing, very believable performances, for roles based on real-life characters. Director Detlev Buck, producer Claus Boje, and David Kross and Apinya Sakuljaroensuk were all there for the screening, and did a Q&A afterwards.

From googling the film just now, I discovered the film opened at the Locarno Film Fest, and within two days of its world premiere it won the "Piazza Grande Award!" I hope to see the film get more nods!

Time for bed... Tomorrow afternoon I see Harry Brown (a Mathew pick), all I know is it stars Michael Caine. I'll resist the temptation of reading the brief description on the tiff site.

I'll be sure to post pics of the great Saturday in Guelph before I head off to my second tiff flick ;)

Just wanted to post 'bout the film, while it was fresh in my mind... Again... Splendid!... Or as they say in Germany... "gro├čartig!"



James said...

Hey! Is is a romantic comedy movie? I like watching romantic comedy movies. Or such.. Where can i watch this online?

ecojotter said...

@James: I wouldn't call Same Same But Different a romantic comedy.... Definitely a romantic drama. Not sure if it's been released online or on dvd yet. Cheers!


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