Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"If You Printed the Internet..."

I'm pretty certain I've posted this "Did You Know" video before (at the bottom of the post)... And when CandiedFabrics kindly tweeted to me about the following graphics.. I instantly knew I had to share them with you!

Great ecoFood for thought... Thanks again CandiedFabrics! By the way, I love the response "@ecojotter Whenever hubby complains about my time online, I can say "But honey, it's so good for the environment!" ;-)"

I certainly hope everyone thinks twice before printing something! I personally do not own a printer (even though I work from home!) If I need to print something work-related I'll wait till I have to go in to the office, which I think is great since I will only print it if I really need it. Otherwise, even when I find myself jotting things down in my ecojotter or having it readily available on my iPod touch to look up.

The awesome "If You Printed the Internet" graphics were originally posted here on CreativeCloud/

Here's the video, that I'm pretty certain I've shared before, but if not, enjoy for the first time ;) Some other interesting stats...

I'm off to Ecojot headquarters tomorrow to meet with Mark about some exciting ecoCollaborations in the works. I will try to squeeze in some time to chat about the other five films I've seen since "Same Same But Different." I see my seventh and final tiff film this Friday... A French film called "Partir" starring Kristen Scott Thomas.

There are some exciting Ecojot giveaways hosted at various blogs and other noteworthy ecoCool things coming up... so stay tuned ;)


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D'angelo said...

Those are just amazing numbers...although I had to admit it must have wasted quite some resources to calculate that trivia! Now that's something to think of for today!


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