Monday, September 28, 2009

A typophile?

Happy Yom Kippur to all those observing today :)

Quick post before I head to my night class at UofT...

Second to photographs of food, when it comes to art, I am a huge fan of typography... I guess that makes me a "typophile?" Check out this awesome video of the "Typophile Film Festival 5 Opening Titles..." As my friend Caroline who posted on her wall, its "AH-MAZING!"

Typophile Film Festival 5 Opening Titles from Brent Barson on Vimeo.

Happy Monday!



D'angelo said...

oh gosh that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! my brother is going to love you know if this is a movie made or animated on the PC?
I love type too

D'angelo said...

oh stop motion my brother is REALLY gonna like this...Thanks so much for posting!! (it's my bro's birthday today)

ecojotter said...

happy to your brother, d'angelo =) am not sure what this is edited on... could be a PC, but could also be a mac... If I find out, I'll be sure to let you know!

D'angelo said...

Thanks, and I just read that all the objects in this movie are HAND MADE...Whoo! I would have loved handling all those letters. 5 senses are totally important in advertising etc. :)

Matthew said...

Hi T,

Great video, also watched his "F is for FAIL" and that is more amazing!

Good Stuff,


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