Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Saturday @ Wyndham Art Supplies, Guelph

Woke up late yesterday morning 'cause I was tired from a packed weekend. Saturday was spent in Guelph. Saturday evening was spent at a delicious end-of-summer barbeque complete with grilled corn on the cob, juicy mini burgers, fresh watermelon juice... And I brought a camembert-tomate tarte (a.k.a. quiche)! Oh and there were sparklers! I'm hoping that photos will turn up on Facebook for me to post... Speaking of photos... Here are some from Saturday!

Mark (head of sales at Ecojot) and I had tons of fun set up in front of Wyndham Art Supplies. Not only was the weather gorgeous! But our Ecojot Fan Appreciation Day in Guelph coincided with the Guelph Jazz Festival! Check out some of the highlights...

Off to see tiff film #3... Yikes and it starts at 9am! So gotta ready to be picked up... Seeing three films todays:

The Vitner's Luck
The Informant! and
Google Baby.

Reviews to follow ;)


1 comment:

carolyn Gavin said...

looked like a fab & fun day!


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