Saturday, September 5, 2009

One Man's Trash is Another Man's New Home

I woke up relatively early this morning and came across this article titled "One Man's Trash" on the and was instantly intrigued... I pulled some photographs from the the Slide Show, but for more pics click here.

"AMONG the traditional brick and clapboard structures that line the streets of this sleepy East Texas town, 70 miles north of Houston, a few houses stand out: their roofs are made of license plates, and their windows of crystal platters.

They are the creations of Dan Phillips, 64, who has had an astonishingly varied life, working as an intelligence officer in the Army, a college dance instructor, an antiques dealer and a syndicated cryptogram puzzle maker. About 12 years ago, Mr. Phillips began his latest career: building low-income housing out of trash."

The photographs just draw you in, especially the one of Mr. Phillips' ceiling made of sample frames! I was particularly intrigued since I recently read an article, also in the NYTimes about how "LEED Seeks to Beef Up Its Credentials." As you may recall, I wrote about LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a couple months ago. I was pleased to hear that they're seeking to improve their credentials, considering it turns out may LEED certified designs are not living up to their green name.

The simplicity of Mr. Phillips' desire to help others by way of preventing trash to otherwise end up on a landfill and instead be made useful to provide a roof over heads is very inspiring. Not to mention the fact that it resulted in both his town and Houston to set up a donation site for recycled material.

I like to come up with new uses for things I would otherwise through away, but Mr. Phillips takes it to a whole new level... He's built 14 homes made up of 80% recycled materials... Kudos!

Am going to finish my fluffy pancakes covered in wild blueberry syrup and maple syrup, then enjoy the day!

Happy Labour Day Weekend! Not sure if I'll be posting on Monday, but I'll definitely be back on Tuesday ;)


PS- If you call Guelph home, don't forget that next Saturday, September 12th, I'll be at Wyndham Art Supplies, 164 Wyndham Street North, Guelph, Ontario from 12-4pm for my second Ecojot Fan Appreciation Event!


D'angelo said...

WOW...I have never seen a more interesting house!! All that texture! Def a sustainable idea. :)

Poseidon said...

really excellent job i must say, and very respectable of that person too.


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