Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labour Day + Happy Birthday DesignerJots !

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Just thought I'd do a quick post... To greet you all a Happy Labour Day! Here's hoping that you're having a wonderful long weekend!

I sure am :) The weather, albeit a bit chilly at night has been sunny and delightful. A perfect clear day yesteday to watch the Air Show. I didn't go to the EX, but instead went to the pier across from the Toronto Island Airport to catch a free glimpse of the summer ending Air Show...

Whenever the EX comes to end, it feels like the end of the summer to me. I am hoping however that like last autumn, we have a nice sunny end of summer, beginning of autumn... Especially with the weather we had this summer!

Also, a quick shout out to DesignerJots, who's birthday it is today! Happy Birthday Carolyn :)



D'angelo said...

I second the end of summer with the beginning of school, but the good weather better not leave yet! :) chilly mornings I can abide too with socks and such but a sunny afternoon is something I want right into winter...

D'angelo said...

Just as a eco note...Instead of buying a comb, I decided to make one...from cardboard and toothpicks. :)
Have fun at your continung ed courses!


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