Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Volunteering is good for the soul"

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... and so are good movies!

The volunteering quote is from my Auntie A. I added the part about movies since in addition to volunteering today, I also had the pleasure of recently viewing Waitress.

If you haven't yet had a chance to see this movie, please do. Although a word of a caution, do not watch on an empty stomach, and honestly even better to have some dessert around, preferably yummy pie!

So from visual appetizing goodness to soulful goodness, this morning I found myself volunteering at Artwell, northwestern CT's own artists' collective. It was a merry morning with lovely old ladies, sharing stories and stuffing envelopes.

Speaking sharing, one of my favourite past-times... Thank you to two recent commenters for sharing their thoughts: P and Jensen.

I particularly enjoyed Jensen's recap of her GLI school's partnership with a Vietnamese orphanage. What a terrific idea to send a send scrapbook of introductions!
Jensen- I'm going to look into providing you a scrapbook if you don't have one already! Perhaps, your partner school can be sent a matching blank one and in turn send introductions back to your school! What do you think? ;D

Meanwhile, here's to food for the soul... Volunteering, collaborations and quite simply... Sharing! Please continue.


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