Thursday, November 13, 2008

"moving right along"

Moving Right Along
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Particularly as the winter holidays wave approaches, there is just so much to do yet so little time... Hence my absence the last few days.

Run down of what I've been up to and exciting things to come:
  • Spent my last three and a half days in Nassau enjoying the wonderful company of family*: cousins Andrea and Anthony (two of the most awesomest A's), and my dear aunt and uncle.
  • Since I am happy to report, I, Ecojotter, is in fact headed to the Big Apple for the L.I.V.E. World 2008 Summit hosted by Womensphere this Saturday! Only bitter pickle is because I learned about the summit so late in the game, flying in is going to be way too expensive. Therefore, I'm busing it down tomorrow evening...
Yes definitely a bit over-zealous and ambitious of me considering registration starts at 7:30am... Eek! However, it just sounded like too good a summit to pass up! Can't wait to tell blog all about it after the weekend... Promise!

Hence, albeit short notice... I am reaching out to all you ecojot fans living in NYC... Up for meeting up and have a little impromptu ecojot-inspired get together?

I've discovered a lot of you, also happen to be freelancers like me, and even if you aren't but are able to stop by... I'm thinking I may just pick a cute convenient café to install myself early Tuesday afternoon and just see where the day takes me... Anyone up for joining me? Any cute café suggestions, preferably easy to find and with free wifi?

I will post where I'll be chilling and jotting away by Sunday evening! So please send your suggestions, and looking forward to meeting some of you in person and hopefully get a Manhattan mm ecojot sketchbook dancing along ;)

*separate recap post to come soon below :)

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