Monday, November 3, 2008

serendipitous requisites

3 November 2008
2:30ish pm
Nassau, The Bahamas

So once again, I find myself pre-writing my daily blog entry... However today one small and one rather big unexpected difference... *mini drum roll please...* One it's in pink today, and two, my surprise location, a sunny beach on the island of Nassau, The Bahamas.

I have to admit sitting here underneath a bright red and green umbrella we've just stuck into the sand, next to my cousin Andrea who's sketching away, whilst her brother Anthony and his friend Mateo play tag with the waves... Well, as you can tell by the run-on sentence it is all not only mesmerizing (since it was a surprise even to me) but very distracting to the writing 0:)

However, in an effort to be a little productive (and focused) on the task at hand, perhaps bullet points are in order. At least for now, to jot down some thoughts and ideas I've been wanting to share since Friday (before I serendipitously discovered I was flying to the Caribbean on Sunday morning :))
  • Continued to Carolyn and Derek's beautiful Leslieville home for a not-so-top secret Ecojot Design Meeting. The Gavins were kind enough to move-up the meeting from Monday to Saturday (a weekend day!) due to my surprise requisite to Nassau.
  • Although clearly currently collaborating with the Ecojot family (a.k.a. the delightful Gavin family),whom I in fact know since I once had the pleasure of working for them pre-Ecojot years ago... I was particularly honoured to be invited to the normally employee-only design meeting! Not only was I thrilled to get a sneak peak of next year's designs... [And can I just say... WOW, you're all in for a treat!] But because *bigger drum-roll please...* It looks like there may be a new Ecojot line inspired by yours truly... moi! Can you believe it? I certainly can't! Even more oh how I can't wait to tell you more about the Ecojotter line, the more I find out myself... Talk about one of the most awesome of compliments!
All right... Am going to once again end this now before it gets too wordy... To all the new readers... Welcome / Bienvenue ! Please come again :) xo, ej

PS - I'm still looking for participants for my art project! Please consider collaborating with me! And/or telling a friend you may know who may be interested! Thank you. Merci bien.


P said...

I'm so not at all jealous - I was too warm today without leaving sunny Toronto.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and I love Mirage and Eco-Jot products. I'm the editor of and would love for you to check out my blog and link to it if you like. I've added you to my blogroll!

My blog address is:

Have a great day!


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