Friday, October 31, 2008

happy safe, sugary and slightly spooky Halloween!

31 October 2008, 10:15ish (Typed on QEW)

Wow.... It's Halloween. Bitter sweet Halloween. Believe it or not I am blogging from the highway. No not whilst driving... Premek's doing that. We're are off to Hamilton for a mini-road of sorts.

What are your plans for Halloween 2008? I must admit I am particularly excited about this evening's festivities since last year I was living abroad in Europe where Halloween celebrations were few and fair between.

I'm pretty certain I have my costume all figured out, but to be honest I am more excited to see people dressed up. Pre and post-Paris, people watching be it during Halloween, Nuit Blanche or while sitting at a bakery with a big fish bowl-esque window over looking the street... Is definitely one of my favourite past-times! Are you dressing up and if so, as what?

Speaking of dressing-up, and thereby dresses and other awesome outfits... How I wish I could sew! Can you? If so, I am officially jealous! :D How lovely would it be to have the time, energy and know-how to envision, sketch, and turn fabric and thread into a cute wearable costume?

In fact, I recently came across an individual with a special talent with fabric and thread on Flickr... In fact, she's (wandernstarz) so talented that her cute little felt Ecojot robins displayed here are an inspiration... An inspriration to even a klutz with a needle and thread like me can make pretty little Ecojot robins :)

What are your secret talent wishes? But better yet, what are your not-so-secret amazing talents? Please share in the coments below.

And until next time.... Please have yourselves a very happy safe, sugary and slightly spooky Halloween! A special link for those of you not of the faint of heart... A bit of spooky fun sent to me by my cousin: press here to follow link.

lots of happy eco-friendly halloween love, ej

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