Tuesday, October 28, 2008

two and three in one...

So I am actually sitting at a café in Kensington Market (Toronto, Ontario) jotting my thoughts since I opted to leave the Macbook behind this afternoon. My friend Premek invited me to lunch followed by an afternoon jaunt to Chinatown and Kensington. We actually just had a very satisfying Chinese bbq lunch under 10 bucks for two of us! Score! We weren't sure where we'd end up post-lunch, mais voilà.. I've decided to stay behind to get some thoughts down whilst Premek does his weekly Kensington grocery run. He promised to bring me back an apple or equally refreshing fall fruit :)

So 'nough rambling... Not sure if I'll scan these pages to add some graphics to today's (and yesterday's missing post... Hence "two and three in one...") Lol, clever, huh? 0:) But I suspect I should spare you all from my messy handwriting. For now anyway... It may be slightly legible, but truth be told, believe it or not, with a little more effort it can be quite neat :) [ Instead of a scan, I've included a capture of workbook ;) ]

So if I were typing, instead of jotting, what would I be sharing... Hmmm.... Well first and foremost, bienvenue tout le monde, welcome everyone! As you may have already noticed, I like squeezing French phrases here 'n there. Living in France for a year will do that to you 0:)

Not sure who's reading this, but hopefully some fellow Carolyn Gavin fans... Since she recently introduced me to her designerjots.blogspot.com readers. Thanks again, Carolyn. In fact, she and I hope to strengthen and titght the link between our two sites, and of course ecojot.com :D over time.... An awesome trifecta so to speak!

Uh-oh baby crying... Distraction kicking in, plus Premek's just come back... I've handed him my iPod to keep him distracted and me focused.

Hmmm... Well excitedly, interest has begun to trickle in for my pilot ecojot art project. In fact, thoughtful Tanya B (of Toronto, Ontario) kindly messaged me shortly after I announced my new blog and project on Facebook and me about an art project by two illustrators in New York and two brother illustrators in Ireland:
Just thought I'd tell you about an art journal collaborative that one of my fave illustrators worked on. It's called Book, and two guys in New York and two guys (brothers) in Northern Ireland worked on it over the course of a few months. I think they used Fed Ex. Here's artist Duke Riley talking about it: http://gothamist.com/2005/10/05/duke_riley_artist_owner_cherry_bomb_tattoo.php

How cool is that? As my older brother claims they say in Thailand... A little "same same but different." Now if only I could successfully convince Tanya to be one of our ecojot fan participants (hint hint, nudge nudge).

On y va... Come on... Fellow Ecojot Fans and Friends... Sil vous plaît... Please consider participating. A handful of you have begun to express interest but have also expressed concern and worry that you're not an artist per se. Well, I beg to differ... After all art is subjective and meant to be expressive... Oui? Yes? Right?

With all that said I hope all those reading will help spread the "Call for Ecojot Artists and Fans" word... After all when all is said and and done, it's all about having fun, becoming more eco-friendly and eco-happy... With ecojot's help :)

xo, ej

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