Thursday, October 30, 2008

coveting and flairing

Bonjour tout le monde. Hello everyone. Readership has grown.... Well I would hope so since, I am pretty certain when I started, I was the only one reading... Lol. Excuse me, I haven't yet had my morning coffee and it shows in my not-so-funny humour *wide grin* Thing is, it's been a while since I've blogged, and even when I did... I was never sure how good at it I was. So to all those experienced, even semi-exprienced bloggers and quite simply wonderful readers reading out there...
  1. Thank you;
  2. Help please... Constructive criticism please.
I figure the highest compliment is when people are actually commenting below. Speaking of compliments. Have you heard of this blog: Turns out, Ecojot recently co-sponsored an online contest. As I ended up commenting, "Wow, and I thought I was ecojot obsessed!" ;)

Although I work with Ecojot, I suspect even the Ecojot team doesn't always know when they are being paid the highest compliment, and being blogged about.

However, again speaking of compliments... How many of you are on Facebook? Even those who reply, "not me..." Come on, admit, you secretly want to open an account! ;) And why wouldn't you...? Check out this application I was recently introduced to called Pieces of Flair. See the beautiful virtual buttons I've been given as presents by fellow Ecojot enthusiasts?

The Ecojot designs may be Carolyn's but a majority were made into flair by Adriana C (from Uruguay). How cool is that? In fact, she and I are going to collaborate and make more higher res versions and also make them easier to find. In fact Adriana, could you please tell us what currently to type in to the search menu, to find your flairs? :)

Okay, so I am learning that the best blogs are the daily short and sweet postings. Yeah, I need to work on not skipping days *angelic smile.* For now... Happy Thursday, everyone. Bon Jeudi tout le monde! Xo, ej

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