Thursday, November 6, 2008

stop, *sigh,* breathe, remind, jot again :)

G'morning Everyone | Bonjour Tout le Monde

Although I must admit I frequently wonder (actually more like question and doubt) if anyone out there in the humongous world wide web is reading my jotted thoughts... When in complete doubt... I stop, *sigh,* breathe, remind myself like most great things, it'll just take some time... And then start jotting again. How does my current favourite song go...?

I'm just a little girl lost in the moment
I'm so scared but I don't show it
I can't figure it out
It's bringing me down
I know, I've got to let it go

And just enjoy the show

Do you know it? It's The Show by Lenka. I thank my fabulous younger sis Ticia for introducing her to me :) Lenka's got a newer video out but the paper ecojot-esque quality of the original video is still my fav! I didn't know how to imbed the whole video (not quite that tech-savvy... yet anyways!) but if you click on the image below, it should take you directly to the YouTube video.

Besides with all that said and done... Sighing, breathing and reflecting certainly does help. In fact, I highly recommend it :) Because truth be told, it turns out someone is clearly reading my jots,... You! And I thank wonderful you! Plus I especially thank those of you who are sending more people this way. For, in my opinion one of the highest compliments one can receive is a recommendation. And well, turns out... I've gotten two awesome compliments thus far...

Nathalie Bahadur of Style At Home... Thanks for the Blog Roll add and introducing yourself! I look foward to starting one of my own rolls and adding yours ;) Check out a few of Nathalie's favourite things... They are very much becoming a few of my favourite things!

And according to bloggers from "Once Upon This Disaster Called Life" ecojotter thoughts is among "Occasional Blogs Worth Reading." I'll take occasional reading any day ;)

Finally... Ecojot (although not me directly but instead my personal favs) were featured in PaperCrave yesterday! As a fellow paper / pretty stationery addict... I heart PaperCrave! And Kristen's blog!

That's all for now. Happy Thursday | Bon Jeudi! xo, ej

PS - What are a few of your favourite things (and blogs) please comment/share below :)

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Murgatroyd said...

Hi Ecojotter,
Thanks for the introduction to's one back, Laura Marling. As someone who seems to enjoy quirky design have a look at her videos for 'Ghosts' & 'My Maniac & I' (if course you are not already familiar with her work??).


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