Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Oh the places we'll go..."

Grand Central
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and see, hear and feel... From borough hopping whilst in Manhattan, to spending quality time with family in the northwest corner of Connecticut, it's been quite a week to say the least!

Looking over my past week's agenda... I can't help be in awe...

Saturday: A summit of to "Meet world leaders. Discover new partners. Share ideas. Explore solutions. Innovate. Brainstorm. Collaborate. Join a global dialogue. Connect. [And] make a difference."

Sunday: Caught up with colleague 'n college girlfriends. Swooned and laughed out loud at the Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts over "three oranges."

Monday: Lunched with a lovely woman from UNICEF who was kind enough to critique my resumé, plus one last Kirov Orchestra performance at the Lincoln Centre.

Tuesday: Continued to crush on Brooklyn. By night mingled, learned and was inspired by Girls Learn International.

Wednesday: Bid Brooklyn "à la prochaine." Then made my way to Queens for an evening in of girly gossip and guilty pleasures such as the America's Next Top Model finale.

Thursday: Telecommuted from Astoria. Cooked a savory Filipino dinner for two of my fav mhc gals, then hit a tv studio party (you know just for good measure).

Yesterday: A coffee date with the ever inspiring Analisa Balares - fellow MHC alumna, whom sweetly credits my dear mum for influencing her decision to attend our alma mater. After boarded a train at Grand Central bound for here.

Life may not be what I expected it to be post-France (working, living, studying)... In fact, believe it or not am still currently underemployed (ie, "learning to freelance"). Am never quite sure where I'll be next it seems.... However, one thing is for certain, with a second Thanksgiving celebration around the corner (having celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last month)... I have so much to be THANKFUL FOR! Here's hoping you do too!

Bon weekend, mes amis (old and new)... Thank you to all my dear friends near and far for your support, not many are as blessed to have had such an incredible itinerary on a dime! Here's to making most of what you have... Overnight bus rides, crashing on couches, sharing one's food (figuratively 'n literally), happiness and stories!

xo, ej

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