Thursday, November 20, 2008

art all around

Last night I had the pleasure of sitting in "The Inner Life of The Waves" a pre-performance lecture by Edward Mendelson. Although, I sadly won't have the pleasure of seeing the actual performance "Waves" by Katie Mitchell, based on Virginia Woolf's novel of the same title... It was an interesting lecture just the same.

Thanks Sheya, for the invite! Since the lecture was held at The Duke on 42nd, it was a great excuse to bid "salut" to Time Square.

Do you ever randomly attend things at a moments notice? I seem to be doing that a lot lately *angelic grin.* And well, I suppose in many ways that's what inspired my wanderlust art idea: musical moving ecojot sketchbook art project.  Of which I am still looking for contributers by the way!

In fact, I just got off the phone with bello Louie Tucci, the first of the Toronto moving sketchbook collaborators.  He was happily surprised, to hear I was in "The Big Apple." In fact, he asked me to "kiss the big apple" for him... And I said, with pleasure ; )  Not hard, since I most definitely adore NYC... From Brooklyn to Manhattan to Queens (where I am jotting from)... Je l'adore!

Louie is busily designing away on numerous projects.  But thankfully he hasn't forgotten about mine. In fact, he has kindly agreed to let us in on his current projects, and possibly what he has in mind for his ecojot sketchbook contribution as well! So we have that too look forward to in an upcoming entry when he and I reconnect again soon!

Meanwhile, bon jeudi, happy thursday! Thanks to all the new readers out there, checking out my blog... Hope to see you again ;)


ps - Where is happy random place you've serendipitously found yourself at lately? Please share in the comments below, if you're kindly inclined... Cheers!

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