Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Park Sloping, Sippin' Tea and Bloggin'

Seeing as I am currently sitting in Park Slope, Brooklyn sipping tea, nibbling on an almond croissant at Heights Coffee Lounge... My title seems most appropriate ;)

I haven't decided yet, if I will make it into the city. It looks like this afternoon isn't good for most, either because you are busy or far away... Just the same, thank you to all those sending their wishes to meet up' and discuss eco-happy thoughts with me. Although if you find yourself near Flatbush Avenue and 7th, please come say hello, I'm wearing my bright pink beret so you can't miss me ;)

Anyway, I got thinking. Perhaps in lieu of starting up the mmm sketchbook project (for now), I should come up with something a little more globe-friendly, ie., something everyone, regardless of location can participate in. Any thoughts...? Ideas?  Here is one of mine...

Photos of you 'n your fav ecojot products... See the awesome image to the upper left?  That was done by a fan in 2005.  I have sadly been unable to locate the original (higher res version) so Anne Chihiro, if you or any of your friends are reading this... Please contact me!

We could do a little gallery... I could pitch to Ecojot that we have a little contest amongst us fellow fans. Have different categories... "Most Colourful," "Most Eco-Happy," etc.  And then I could try and get Ecojot to give prizes to the top winners?  What do you say?

1 comment:

ecojotter said...

Oops-- I changed my mind... I am not giving up too easily.... Even if it's postponed till the next time I find myself in NYC... I've posted a call for collaborators for the mmm ecojot sketchbook project. Please help spread the word: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/ats/924253069.html


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