Saturday, November 8, 2008

mmm sketching anyone?

prada shades
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Bon Samedi / Happy Saturday Everyone !

First and foremost thank you to to murgtroyd for recommending Laura Marling, I was unfamiliar with her work until now... And I do like indeed!

Here's hoping this finds you all well. Please excuse my absence yesterday. I spent a good part of the day absorbed in work and attempting to make arrangements to attend L.I.V.E. World Summit 2008: Leadership, Innovation & Vision for the Earth hosted by Womensphere. If all goes well I will make it to the summit and get a chance to spend a few extra days in Manhattan!

My not-so-secret hope is whilst in the Big Apple I will meet some fellow Ecojot fans and start an MMM Ecojot Sketchbook Project. The first extra M standing for Manhattan of course! What do you think? Any NYC ecojot fans out there interested?

I learned about the L.I.V.E. summit via good ol' Facebook. A friend (one of the organizers) is inviting people through her status. I must say, it's amazing the things you find out and learn just through Facebook statuses alone. Take this trivia for example, according to,
"Omar's random fact of the day: The name Wendy was made up for the book 'Peter Pan.' There was never a recorded Wendy before! -November 6, 2008, 8:57pm"

Being the geek that I am, I of course had to verify this pre-posting. And well Omar, it turns out, although "[J.M.] Barrie didn't [in fact] invent the name 'Wendy,' he might as well have," seeing as how he brought right to the popularity of the name.

Well that's it for trivia verification (for now anyways). Am off to go for a run and outdoor swim with my cousin Andrea. As the French, I must profites-bien my last few days on the island. Profites-bien votre samedi ! Take advantage of your Saturday... Wherever you are ;) xo, ej


Michael said...

What's with you, your brother and the word "whilst"? I'd almost never heard the word until I met you two. Where did you pick it up?

- M. Demko

ecojotter said...

lol, i never noticed that until now... although i must admit, your comment inspired the use of "whilst" in today's entry ;) cheers! <--- i think that's also older brother inspired!


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